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  1. Basic questions

    Hi MIG, (8) Do you know why Taoist monasteries are called Gong and Guan? Chinese people tend to give the best name / services to the respected one, including to Shen Xian. That is the reason why the taoist temple use gong or guan. Gong (palace) is the big temple, while Guan (pavilion) is the smaller temple. (9) Do you think Taoist beliefs are of close relevance to our present-day world? Yes, I think so. Example: TCM originated from Taoism, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal, etc. Wushu / chinese martial arts, including Taiji & Ba gua zhang, still being practiced by people. Qi gong / breathing exercise, still in practiced and being studied to improve people's health. Jingzuo / meditation, spread even further to gyms. Divination like palm reading, feng shui, etc... still in practice. Those are several skills that were originated from taoism, but now spread over to public, and taught separately from taoism. While for the adherent of Taoism, they will follow some rituals to fulfill their needs. Examples are: - Qiuzi yishi (yishi mean ritual / ceremony), for those couples who are struggle to get a son / daughter - Hehe yishi, to improve the harmony of the couple - Yanshou yishi, to seek for an extension of life for people in critical illness. - etc.... (10) Do you think Taoism permeates the Chinese culture? There is a saying from Luxun, a Chinese writer. He says that "Taoism is the root of Chinese culture" So, if we want to understand the Chinese culture, we may start from learning taoism.
  2. Basic questions

    Thank you
  3. In my opinion, not all of the gods was a person. Example is Tai Shang Lao Jun. It is a honorific name, given to 'Something' that is the highest being, the oldest one, as well as the most honored ones. What is the name? People don't know. Thus honorific name was given. Tai Shang Lao Jun is already there, before anything. Why is there statue / picture of TLSJ? It is man made, people use the figure of Laozi to represent TSLJ. Because there is a belief that Laozi is the incarnation of TSLJ. ----------------------------------- Another example is Nuwa. There is a legend says that Nuwa was the one who made people live in the earth.
  4. Basic questions

    Hi MIG, Just my 2 cents: 2) Why Tai-Sheung Lao-Chun is revered by the Taoists For me, Tai Shang Lao Jun ε€ͺδΈŠθ€ε› is a honorific name In the past, people thought that there is "Something" outside of human. "Something" that is much bigger, older, source of everything, the most respected, etc.... But, what is that "Something"? How should we refer/call this "Something"? Then someone gave a honorific name as Tai Shang Lao Jun. (3) How should we regard the worship of the Taoist Gods? I think the Taoist deity is not forcing people to worship them. People just give respect to them. Even if people don't care about the Taoist deity, nothing will happen. (4) Do you know the Taoist ways in questing for longevity? The taoist is take care of their physical body, maintain it through a healthy food, exercise, etc. thats why there are many PE invented by the taoist master such as Taiji quan, Wu qin xi, Qi gong (breathing exercise), wushu, etc. On the mentality, they are practicing meditation, to controll the stress, balancing the hormons, etc. the traditional chinese medicine was originated from taoist master as well, they are pay attention on the nutrition, thats why they are climb the mountain to gather the herbs like ginseng, etc they are using accupuncture & accupressure to help regulate the qi through the meridian (which is until now, modern science still can scan the meridian through x-ray, mri, etc right?) (5) Do you know what are Chai and Chiao? Sorry, I dont know (6) Do you know the basic features of the canon of the Taoist scriptures? what do you mean with basic features? if i understand correctly, the taoist scripture (dao zhang), is a collection of taoist book from various taoist school. (7) What do you know about the Taoist sects in Hong Kong and their relationship with those in China? quanzhen pai, surely have link with quanzhen pai in mainland, the headquarter is in Baiyun guan, in Beijing zhengyi pai's head quarter also in Long Hu Shan, China
  5. Hi Try, Tai Shang Lao Jun zhenjing is an official scripture used internally by Xiaoyao school. The school is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Below is the translated scripture, in local language. https://siutao.com/siutao/kitab-suci/tao-taoism-tai-shang-lao-jun-zhen-jing/ You should be able to get the clarification by contacting the admin.
  6. Hi all

    Hi all, I am Taoist from Singapore. I hope I can learn many side of Taoism here... Peace and Joy