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  1. Chinese to English dictionary of China's martial arts

    i realli like ya quote from Lao Zi . thanx.............
  2. New Tao Te Ching Commentary

    Sorry flowing hands i found it / wasn't payin attention it was there a along.................
  3. New Tao Te Ching Commentary

    No Problem , Same way it is taking you months to write and compile your thoughts. Same way it will take me a while to read them. And even tho' i may not always understand parts ov it or not always agree, i am sure i will always find it interesting & insightful. Truli it is i who should be thanxing You, and this site
  4. New Tao Te Ching Commentary

    Nikolai1 .......Thanx realli good & insightful read. WOW !!
  5. New Tao Te Ching Commentary

    Are you willing to share this website with others so we can see / study more of the DDJ -Thanx
  6. Tao and Creation

    for those who are interested https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika
  7. Tao and Creation

    the Jain use a swastika too ...........don't they?
  8. No creator in Buddhism?

    And the name of the book is:
  9. The negative and Tao

    I Like the concept of 'useless / useful ' but the difference between Harmony and Balance sumhow eludes me. like sumthing on the edge of my mind and i can just about grab it, but it is out of reach. although am gettin closer to understanding what Rocky Lionmouth meant by negativity. Bearded dragon spoke volumes when he said: ' Accept everything. Let go of everything '
  10. Tao and Creation

    Thanx everyone, the jow does stuff works link, was what i had already cum across and what lead me to ask the question in the 1st place. Anmd now that i have had time 2 both reflect and read these answers i have cum to realize dat DAO wouldn't be concerned about creation except maybe the chapter that says in part " One became Two, two became three, and three is the mother of ten thousand things" Thanx also 4 the mindfulness link i will futher investigate that when i get off of work 2nite. i look forward to hearin whwt others have to say on this subject. You guys are so awesum i learn so much when i cum here it is hard 2 find a space to hold all this knowledge
  11. Tao and Creation

    I am wondering studing different concepts on creation and the tree of life and am curious as to how the Dao views Creation & it's creation stories and if there is any concept of the Tree Of Life in Daoist Thought
  12. Relying On No-one But Yourself

    There is a season for all seasons. A season to contemplate by one self or with others, and a season to not contemplate with oneself or with others. I Am all for going off alone and communing with nature and cultivating oneself to reach whatever goal one has set. At some point being alone and cultivating oneself is most neccessary. !!!!
  13. The negative and Tao

    I will have 2 read this again to really understand it. In the meantime let me just say that a balance between negative and positive, is neither negative or positive. It is a flow which goes frum one aspect to the other and bax again. Like the Small Heavenly Circle which flows up the spine and then down the front of the body. One flow is positive and the other is negative, but neither one is good or bad cause without one you do not have the other.
  14. Avoiding takedowns & then ... other videos.

    Thanx Every One this has been most enjoyable topic.......................