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  1. Wow, that is actually so inredibly helpful you have no idea. I don't have any martial arts background, but would Tai Chi be the only thing I should be working on if I plan on going?
  2. I'm new here, and new to the way. I've been doing some reading, and a lot of breathing practises. I've recently come into a large sum of money that can only be used towards educational purposes, and I thought that it would be an amazing experience if I were able to go study the way in another country, specifically an eastern country. I have never heard of such an establishment before though, nor have I heard one of that would speak/teach in english. If anyone has any ideas or knowledge on the subject, the level of gratitude I would have for you could not be put into words. Thank you in advnace.
  3. Hello from Canada!

    New user, just found this place while strolling along the interwebs, looking for information. My name is Tyler, I live in Ontario and I'm extremely interested in Taoism. I've read much of the Tao Te Chang, and I'm currently reading, "Opening the Dragon Gate". I have tons of questions and lots to learn, I hope this is the place to do so. (: