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  1. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    Hah. You are no teacher and I am certainly no student. My only motive is to discredit you. Which you surely deserve. I don't care about anything that happened between you and I, you just have unethical practices and ways and they disgust me.
  2. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    Thank you. Even though I feel a hint of annoyance in your speech. The problem was not that I could not learn to achieve this.. as I already have since that time ago. The problem was that his idea assisting was me giving him money. Everything has a price? Every CAN have a price. Nothing NEEDS a price. But if you price another, you shall be priced in return. Money is a symbol, in essence it is worth nothing. To trade a service for a service or a technique for a technique, now THIS is acceptable. But my attempt for information was blatantly ignored and bartered away.
  3. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    Double post due to an error with the site.
  4. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    My only wisdom is acquired through the source. The creator. I need no other mentor.
  5. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    Arrogant I am. Novice I am not. If you had told me something of truth I would release my arrogance but instead you continue a cycle of corruption. You see, foremost before healing, I know their are those who wish not to heal but to hoard, this was taught to me over many years of the martial arts and then the healing arts. He pretends to be here as an adviser but instead comes as a salesman.
  6. Shadow people

    Trouble is brewing in the world as times are darkening. Shield yourself and attempt to stay away. I have spoken to many who have come to me with these sightings. They are of the unclean and should be avoided.
  7. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    No. You are incorrect. I DO study medical qi gong. I simply do not study from one particular person and I have healed many without ANY formal instruction and my patients have remained healthy as a result as have I. Your arrogance and pride results in your greedy attempt to degrade me in front of others to provide dominance and power amongst your peers. I simply must see the words on how to do this and I will know the method. I'm not novice and I ask for no respect, I only ask for my question to be answered how it was asked. Not a workaround and irrelevance and arrogance. I require not your teaching. I simply requested assistance in a technique. That is one technique of MANY and instead of a generous description you belittle me by the so-often-heard "get a teacher" and wave of a hand. Truly, you are much less experienced than you think you are. I came to you as a fellow healer and now I out you to be a hoarder of power and everything you do on these forums is only for undeserved respect and pride.
  8. The Science of Sex Appeal

    The topic of "sex" reveals the most of the immature.
  9. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    If you would like to be a wise and powerful Martial Artist focus less on how* you breath but on when you breathe. Focus on timing. Use your heart as a timer. Use your mind as a measure. Measure opponents time. Measure your own time. Measure your breath. There should be no static breathing as there should be no static movement. Every attack is different. Every motion of defense is different. However leave your breathing uncompromised by an opponents actions. Let it remain superior.
  10. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    With great power comes great responsibility. Many still practice these techniques. I do as well. Many still abuse it. I withhold every inch of life with respect. As a true martial artist should. Curbing your anger and pride are 2 most important tasks for enlightenment and for wisdom. Amen.
  11. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    I apologize. I posted this in the wrong thread. I had a few open at the time: "In the video on taewkwondo? Whatever it was called. These men were tense. THis does not illustrate yin and yang in eachother. However I practice the arts all with a style of movement that is devastating without flexing a muscle. It uses what he wishes the answer to. The slow, relaxed movement of yin may snap like a whip, letting the body move how it is intended in safe(to the practitioners body) and powerful strikes. A flick of the wrist in a relaxed(yin) state will release a yang energy incredibly powerful. It takes no physical strength and the body stays completely relaxed while moving at superior speeds and with superior power. For example: It only takes one relaxed strike to kill through this relaxed state of yin and yang energy. "
  12. The Science of Sex Appeal

    Intelligence, way with words, way with voice, way with strength(physical and mental, possibly spiritual), way with care and affection, way with sexual acts, and physical appearance are all elements to seduction.
  13. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    Irregardless of which of the arts you assimilate with, if you hand your opponent an appendage, expect it to be damaged. In a counter however the kick shall be low and should use very few muscles, remaining relaxed and powerful. Where the strike will break through and not push. An aggressive strike(kick) will present little power and damage, likely damaging the current aggressor/defender. The muscle tension slows movement and restricts qi. A high kick uses many muscles that will tense at this height and cause imbalance and less power by not only a possible throw/block/trip of an opponent but by ones own self.
  14. Has science found enlightenment?

    Wrong thread. Delete.
  15. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    I can see morality in these words... However, that is only in response to healing others. Not to teaching. Like any study, if you do not have dedication and respect for the subject or subjects, you shall not achieve any fruits from it. Currency is not an issue to would bind you. So I stand to my previous statement wholeheartedly. Amen.