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  1. Porn addiction

    You are welcome, resonant111. I do not want you to become obsessed with this issue. Just watch carefully your reactions after an Orgasm. Stress is one things that can cause a worsening of POIS symptoms. I used to have POIS symptoms for more than a week after an O. My mind was literally crippled by after-orgasms effects. I tried to ignore those feelings, but they were overwhelming, so I could not. At the end, The only possibility was total abstinence, and it was not a 100 per cent solution, because a wet dream wreaked havoc on my system again. If you are very sure that you have POIS, then let me know about it. Best regards and cheers up!
  2. Porn addiction

    Hi resonant111, Maybe you would want to take a look into this campaign to read some accounts of POIS sufferers:
  3. Porn addiction

  4. Porn addiction

  5. Hello!

    Hello to everyone, just registered here to see how i help one of you.