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  1. Releasing Diaphragm

    I want to thank everyone for their input. I will look into these things and try the most affordable ones. I can't do the meditation circle right now, I'm a student.
  2. Releasing Diaphragm

    Thank you for the information! To get into specification I basically have a hard time breathing and get a lot of pain there as well as my spine along there. I do think the elongating the spine would really help but dont't know a lot of good safe exercises for that. All breathing exercises and pranayama have been practically impossible for me to do in meditation due to not being able to fully breathe because of this.
  3. Releasing Diaphragm

    Hello, this is my first actual post so forgive me if I am not following proper protocol on posting in these forums. Anyways, I wanted to know if anyone could share any advice on releasing the diaphragm(or the core for that matter). I have a lot of tension there and it really affects emotional/energetic patterns on a daily basis. It's like this unbearable tension that keeps grinding away.
  4. Hello!

    I have been practicing Vipassana on and off and had great interest in the whole enlightenment deal but I don't know where to begin, so I decided to join this forum!