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  1. Thanks so much for the help! I was really worried about him, but he's in good hands now.
  2. Yeah that makes sense. He's been having a hard time expressing his true feelings to women recently. beats me. maybe his body isn't storing the jing and instead uses it right away?
  3. no he had insomnia before he started taking it. Its been helping him to get up in the morning. Hmm that might be a possibility, I'll look into it. I thought so too until I found Clarity! He did some energy tuning on my brother. I noticed a remarkable change in his behavior so far. The Yuen Method is incredible!
  4. It's so hard to find good teachers. Our current teacher is pretty unstable. He's practices 'crazy wisdom'.
  5. Yeah you seem to be having similar problems. A energy worker said that the spasms are caused from your body trying to relax by releasing blocked energy.
  6. Hey Clarity, Thank you so much for the help. My brother just PMed you using my account. I haven't been able to find posts about the Yuen Method so far, but I read about it on your site. I'm still not sure I understand it though.
  7. Hi

    well I know it intellectually of course.
  8. Hi

    Hey everybody, fellow Taoist here. Hua Ching Ni changed my life.