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  1. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    SO how much further are you guys gonna pretend that humanity hasn't been invaded? Are you guys so afraid of Death that you would allow the enemy to control you as slaves in order to escape a premature Death?
  2. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    You know before 2010, I would have totally agreed with you. But I ain't feeling suicidal nor depressed nor angry. What I am feeling right now is the approaching moment of triumph just as a Japanese Samurai is about cut off the head of a Chinese Dog.
  3. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    I am not saying that I will kill myself. Did I say that? Nor am I feeling agitated or angry or sad. In fact, there is nothing but cold logic in me. Think of me like a General who is about to kamikaze the enemy because the enemy has maneuvered the General into a position where it is either die and win or live and lose.
  4. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    I wanted to create a world of buddhas but all i got in return is a world of fools who didnt know how to let go of everything and give up Samsara for a higher state of existence. Tis no loss to Destroy this Foolish World. Tis time to Destroy Maya Samsara.
  5. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    Do you all think that i do not know I control the fate of this world? If I die, this world gets destroyed. If I become a light-body, the whole of humanity becomes light-bodies. If I become enlightened and lose all my desires and human ego, then the whole of humanity becomes enlightened and lose all their desires and human egos. Do you think I haven't had the slightest clue what's going on over the past 3 years? I give this ultimatum to those fools in this world who wanna prevent me from becoming an Enlightened Light-Body and I know the whole world is watching. Stand in my way again, interrupt my meditations again and watch how my Death Destroy this World in a few weeks time.
  6. "the eater of death"

    There will always be Death and life will never ever be permanent. Because as a caterpillar has to "die" in order to become a butterfly, if a sentient being stays locked in "life" forever without dying, then that sentient being can never evolve!
  7. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    There will be no 2014 for me. I will exit this Prison Planet Earth either through Death or by turning my body into light by end of 2012. It is up to the spiritual masters to carefully decide what kind of fate they wanna choose for themselves.
  8. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    Who are you or any other human, master or not, to judge whether I am worthy of receiving the light-body teachings or if I have mastered the basics or not? Are you the Creator himself? Are you God himself? No human on this earth is fit to judge me. The light-body teachings are for everyone every human being on earth and if I say I am worthy enough to receive any and all light-body teachings, that means I am worthy enough so who are you or any other human on this earth, master or otherwise, to question me on the validity of my own path?!
  9. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    I guess this is why I would be exiting the world through Death sometime very soon before the end of 2012.
  10. "the eater of death"

    The noble, enlightened, morally righteous king with no desires for power or women or pleasures of the world would treat the monks and nuns of this world, the meek ones who are totally against the slave-like materialistic reality of this planet, with mercy and kindness and abundance. However, with the devils and demons of this world who insist on Lust and Greed and Debauchery and other Sins of life, the King shalt give no mercy.
  11. Battling addiction and the road ahead

    If you sincerely wanna Change, you wouldn't have bothered starting this thread just to draw all the attention and energy to feed your Human Ego.
  12. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    first off, stop calling me tulku cos i have never been a tulku in my life. secondly, i dunno too much about such things like the rainbow body but i know there are several masters in the world who jealously guard the secrets of the rainbow body and only reserve such ultimate spiritual teachings for their closest disciples and families because they do not want the world world to liberate themselves.. in short, the spiritual masters of this world want humanity and the whole world to remain as slaves in the material plane, slaves to the powers that be, slaves to the government, slaves to the corporations, slaves to the church and religion, slaves to sex, marriage, family, children and money.. there are many taoist sages who, upon reaching enlightenment, throw away all desires of women, power and money. why is that? Because these taoist sages know that being a God who is Enlightened and Immortal is infinitely more powerful and pleasurable than being a mortal human emperor or king who may have all the money, power and women in the world but who will ultimately grow old and die off in the end. Because once you become a God who do not need to experience the buddhist samsara of birth, death, old age and disease.. and more importantly, once you become a God with powers to travel between different dimensions and planets so that you can learn the secrets of evolution from any other higher dimensional being out there, why would you wanna remain on planet earth? Why would you wanna remain on planet earth if you have the opportunity to visit so many different planets and dimensions out there in the universe? And please spare me the crap about how we are alone in the universe. I am pretty sure everyone in here knows the truth that we are not alone by now. I know there is a taoist master in korea who can teach a student to transform his body into light in a matter of weeks. There is a master in tibet who can teach his students to transform their bodies into light in under a day. There is a master in Northern Carolina, US who knows such light body techniques from different spiritual masters. I am only interested in learning the fastest quickest easiest method to transform my body into light and leave this planet immediately. I do not intend to remain on this planet beyond this year 2012. I do not wish to spend more than 6 months on this farking filthy unenlightened planet. However, I have several enemies, both in real life and in the spiritual dimensions, who seem hell-bent on stopping me from changing my body into light. They have forced these masters to refuse the light-body teachings to me. Since this is the case, I suppose the only way for me to leave this planet is through Death.
  13. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    No You are missing the point. I talk to God everyday since I was born and he always answered me. Always. Most humans think that God never answer them because they never get the stuff which their egoistic human minds always ask for. Cars, women, jobs, houses, more of this more of that. However God is always there giving us what we need and not what we want. Most of God's answers and gifts are not what humans are looking for unfortunately. How do you know the Universe, the old guy with the beard and Tao are not one and the same? Given that the Universe and the Tao is so omni-powerful, how do you know he didn't change into a human form which can easily communicate with our limited human minds and faculties so that our human egos would not have any problems accepting the universe or the tao in such a familiar form ie an old man with a beard?
  14. Battling addiction and the road ahead

    I don't believe that there is any time left for anyone else to change anymore. All of us have had centuries and centuries of time to change and we did nothing but lie asleep in our everyday mundane activities. And now people wanna start changing with 6 months left to D-day? Gimme a break.
  15. Holy Archangel of Death - Azrael

    Oh I know God exists and other Gods, creations of the super almighty chief creator God exist as well and we are all creations of this higher Gods. If Death has to disappear for Life to disappear, then i consider it to be a worthwhile trade off. You heard of the Big Bang? The Great Explosion which starts off the expansion of the Universe? Well I think it is time for the Great Crunch, the great contraction of the universe, where silly unenlightened fools who only care about dinner, sex and money start disappearing from existence for good.