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  1. Why chest pleasure/pain during meditation? It's very much alike kunlun, I just call it kunlin energies when it happens (sorry if name is taken). To my limited knowledge it tends to bring about change to inner and outer self (aura etc).
  2. Yep. No need to worry, just go with what feels right for you. All this sex vodoo is just trivia unless your goals are very specific.
  3. just something on Karma....

    Not based on rumors but the very deepth of the subconscious.
  4. just something on Karma....

    I believe in different kind of karmas. The first one is based on your impurities. As you live and die your impurities deep inside you starts to build up from your experiences, eventually they start to define you instead of being just in the background. The second one is based on universal awareness. In many ways we are all one, so when guy is bad the "mind" of everyone remembers it. Basically by being a bad neighbor you wont be welcome to a good neighborhood.
  5. On Kundalini and thought constructs

    Yeah, totaly. But there is multible ways to see this; god is the source of everything, or the forrest is the culmination of many seperate trees. Both ways are valid in their perspective, but together they add a more complete picture.
  6. On Kundalini and thought constructs

    Nice post and discussion. In my opinion the I exists, but also at the same time it does not, just as the coin has two sides. Likewise I also think of oneness as a two sided coin, maybe the flipside of dualisme / "I". If you run away from the I and just focus on oneness you never gain insight, as insight can only come from the oneness true yourself and nothing else. I do think that your idea of gods, angles and demons are wrong. Yes there is personal demons and angles, but there is also "true" angels and demons that are aspects of "all-things". Gods are real people (souls), just that their greater aspects define them for what they are instead of their consciousness, thus making them very powerful, but also "puppets of fate". However we do not see gods on this planet as direct manifestation of aspects does not happen, that way there is nothing to see but the truth. But the truth still remains a pink elephant in the livingroom.
  7. This guy from zetatalk Chat Q&A did a great work on this post. Here is the answer if you are curious, on the bottom of the page : http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/08ju2013.htm
  8. Gluten and Neurological Diseases (+ Other)

    Aaah, the food pyramid. It was designed by the food industry as a marketing tool to gain more profit. Listen to your own body if you want to learn how to live healthy, not PR.
  9. free will is BS

    Free will is a bit funky, But it does exist. You just have to learn to deal with influences. Free will and influences are like yin and yang, they can neglect each other, boost each other, direct each other. Once you discover how strong influences is then you might freak out a bit, as before you where thinking that 100% of what you do is "you", but that is one of the many illusions that needs to be shattered. Influences are not a ugly thing, but a natural thing, even if they makes you desire a woman because of her smell. The smell is just her way of saying: hey look at me, im a female. In a way she is pulling your awareness onto her body, and her body might resonate with your desires and knock you off your shoes. It is true that influences may turn you into a pervert, or it can make someone eat themself to death. But still, the sooner you stop fighting you nature and putting up blockades the sooner you can transcend yourself. Being at a conflict with yourself is not the way to stop doing what you want to stop, just think of how many fat people who have tried everything to go down in weight? Some influences are just to strong and to long lasting to be tamed by brute force alone. Influences are constant, and everpresent. Just being alive is a influence in itself, but it is only you and your free will that can in the end thrust you into higher awareness and being.
  10. Fasting for better health

    We all have a tendency to push our ideas of health onto our body, but the body is so very complex, so the best course of action is to listen to your own body on how to improve your health. Try to meditate and ask your own body what it wants to do and what it thinks about the problems you are facing. To do so is not that hard unless you have a mental blockades, and in that case the mental stuff takes priority over everything else.
  11. 21 day retention challenge for guys and girls

    There is no need to rush to 21 days if you are inexperienced, just slowly extend the duration and you eventually get there. When you get to the point where it gets easy to "will" yourself true the urges, then you can with much greater ease get to 21 days or more.
  12. What is the secret of being ultra smart ?

    First of all, how smart you are is based on your mind, and your mind is a part of you, not your brain. It's funky, but trust me. How to unlock the mind should rather be a question how to unlock yourself. For pure "brain power" then you need to discover what you are great at, and where your flaws start. The easy way is to find something you are interested in, explore, and your mind will follow. A example: you enjoy music and often think about making some music yourself, what I would do is; explore, and see where you mind drags you, a mind unleased is like a hungry dog. Find different instruments, se the info on them and etc. Now what did you do well? Remembering all the instruments? Noticing the fine details in the music? Digging deep into the lyric? Keep going like this and you master your mind, and you will start to amaze others and yourself.
  13. Upper abdominal area in spasm, prevents me from breathing.

    I have a problem with a rash around my eyes that I just can't get rid of. It has been there for so many years, sometimes getting worse, other times going away just to come back. I have used many different treatments, nothing works. In deep meditation the rash goes completely way like magic, just to come back... like magic, in a few hours time. Thats kinda weird, why would a physical problem come a go like a bad thought? Because deep down it is. Let it go, some diseases have roots far to deep for you to uproot.
  14. Root chakra curiousities?

    When your body heals it many times hurts. Your root chackra is tied to health of your blood in many ways, blood lose will cause a lot of activity in that chakra.