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  1. Why becoming is illegal

    I KNOW!
  2. Becoming is the process by which the buddha told his followers that they should become him. Legs like a stag. Voice like a lion... These are idealistic conceptions of what the buddha was.. Yet he was somehow ascetic... yet he was somehow... idk.. killed. by a pork meal. Or idk some other cause of death. At this point in time.. 2019 jan. 27.. becoming is a DISEASE. It must be quarantined. If a man is becoming another man.. he is looking to literally fill that mans shoes. LITERALLY. this isn't a symbol. This person wants to get into your house and kill you. They will premeditate for a long time but it isn't right. Nagarjuna rebutted Guatama at many points I believe and here is another..This is Guatama's life plan.. become more muscular.. He was weak.. Physically. The issue is this: If you are all becoming the same body PLAN, then you are going to run out of Chi Jing and physical room. THIS IS PHYSICS PEOPLE. 2 MC's cannot occupy the same space at the same time. There's no Way in all of Mathematics that two people could literally logically and fundamentally become the same body. There is only ONE HARA. You must understand this becomer following the others body plan is ready to kill you to get to your body plan before you. They drain you physically, matter and fluid using vajrayana death Magick. The tortoise is never going to beat the fucking cat. Get over it. ITS ILLEGAL TO MURDER. BECOMING IS LITERALLY PREMEDITATED MURDER. The only exception is becoming something called individuation.. DUH. Individuality is UH IDK ONE HARA. unless you go all stupid DBZ Fusion on em. theNERD
  3. Lord of Death

    dduuuuuude. life force is wit it... I'm a Sith not a Jedi
  4. Lord of Death

    hahaha ya im not ugly enough to get head ^ A EDIT: nvm i didnt see the *of before reach...
  5. Lord of Death

    im not listening to the video... but you get it.. You cant escape.. Also. uhhh.. if you have too much information and no knowledge it comes for you in the night.. this isnt a threat its an asian fact.
  6. Lord of Death

    ... I don't know how to tell you guys this... *I'm burying my head in my hands on this one*... This isn't a dream. I don't know why you don't get this.. Im not really joking here.. I am a student for a reason. The leader dies every time.
  7. Lord of Death

    There is a Lord of Death. He is from Eastern Culture. There is one way around the Lord... You must run. If you have more knowledge than you are allowed he will find you in a dream and you can not hide. Good night. -theNERD
  8. What exactly is emptiness?

    Emptiness is tathagatha, the embryo, the womb. The Empty sea. Everybody should check out the size of J Dilla's empty tracks. He hits these spaces in beats that are emptiness not NOTHING. Dao is eternal, Nothing is impermanent. Nihilists die young A true tathagatha is eternal. DUH. Well.. Just a guess

    sup i see 20 softees looked, who got a hard PS4

    Starting a PS4 Rap squad of saintly rappers, join the destiny squad. Message me if you're down. -John Francis P.S. it.'s about money too.
  11. Yo Yo, Does anyone know if there is actually a Kasina of Consciousness? The first wiki on Kasinas says there is. Anyone with experience of either of the two Kasina's mentioned could you please shed some light on them. Just wondering. theNERD
  12. The Fleeting Bubbles - by Milarepa

    Yo y'all living up to the bum life style.
  13. The Fleeting Bubbles - by Milarepa

    Word Bro what you speaking for then