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  1. The Chicken or the Egg?

    In western terms the bunny rabbit came first, laying multiple chicken eggs, and then hopping away!
  2. Answer to you're confusion: Ask him again +1!
  3. Hello, the meaning of the Tao

    Relax and recoil. All is well. No one here is above. You are welcome and it is good to see others on the path. No one here is "advanced", so you can relax. We are all angels and devils communicating for a reason. My philosophy is the less you think you know, the more aware you are. Meditate, pray, and move!
  4. Hello Tao Bums

    Hello friend, and welcome.
  5. I'm me

    Welcome. We are all pursuing a path. Enjoy yours and all is well.
  6. Yasu!

    Hello and welcome home. It isn't ride. It is not the blue pill or the red pill. Enjoy!
  7. Hi

    Hello and welcome home.
  8. hello world

    Hello, welcome to the revolution! Don't hesitate to ask questions. We are all one.
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    " The world is exactly the way we think it is, and that's why." from the book Illusions (lots of good quotes in that book) P.S. Every word out of Chief Seattle's mouth is wisdom. If you haven't read his letter to President Franklin Pierce in 1855 I urge you to do so. If you are alive and paying attention, you will cry.
  10. Mortal World

    Hello folks. Came out of my cave to say hi. I have woken up to find that while I was sleeping a horrible crime has been committed on the planet we call Earth. This crime was committed by an unconscious being that has allowed the worst in us all to come out, and somehow, etched our souls into the laws we are governed by. It has grown multiple heads and is now rapidly devouring our awareness and replacing it with absolute structure. My brothers and sisters are becoming intoxicated, lost in the wilderness they were meant to preserve and protect. This trend must be reversed if we are to continue dreaming. Embrace this world and let it go. I exist in this world as I exist in others, humbled and exalted, praying for those who have allowed themselves to become victims, hoping somehow that I can help.