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  1. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    It was a kind of joke , I have no intention to flame up this thread, I understood what you were trying to say, it is just that the image you chose was rather unexpected, to say the least. That said, I maintain that both Taijiquan and coffee are very serious matters Enough said, it's time for me to leave the thread so that people can have technical, serious exchanges about the nature of things!
  2. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    My goodness! I don't know much about Taijiquan but please don't insult both arts with this comparison! I mean Taijiquan and the art of coffee making (from the berry to the expresso ristretto) I say lol but it could be since the case is very serious to me
  3. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    Being introduced to taoist deites by means of ayahuasca is not common... If you have some willingness to do it, I hope you will share more one day about the Mother of the Universe. Thanks H.
  4. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    How wise of Her! How do you communicate with Her? H.
  5. Guten Tag!

    Go Here to ask a PPJ. A very nice mod will ask you 3 questions: if you hit the marks, you will get one, if not, you will probably..get one also. In either case, you will have to promise that you will fill it with some posts. Some people ask for one and abandon it...
  6. Guten Tag!

    I hope you will enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoyed your introduction post!
  7. Guten Tag!

    Waterpig seems a good one, if you allow me a suggestion out of the blue!
  8. Guten Tag!

    Hello Hermann, Welcome! Don't ask me why I call you Hermann, but I sense that you are a German-born Aussie called Hermann born in a Water pig year like 1983.
  9. Hello from Gods own country

    Hello and welcome to you
  10. Running away from the News outlets

    Hello and Welcome- Exchanges there will be for sure, meaningful it depends a lot on the willingness of the people here, same as real life Edited to add: you might even found tea baggers here in you look carefully, so beware!
  11. Old neigong manual

    Hi ChiDragon, is there a special reason why you write in size 5 and 6?
  12. What is Tai Ji Chuan(太極拳) ...?

    Thank you ChiDragon for voicing your opinion on the requirements of Taijiquan practice and how zhan zhuang and Taijiquan relate to each other. It looks like depending on the Taijiquan style and the teacher, sometimes zhan zhuang is a requirement, sometimes not. I don't see it as a problem either theoretically or practically. It was not the subject of my question in the original thread anyway.
  13. Hello world

    By introducing youself here, you have just opened the door to wonders: you can now reply, open a topic etc.. Welcome-
  14. Qigong Training Course.

    Hello Practitioner, Could you explain what do you mean exactly by "Medical Qigong training course by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson"? The five Medical Qigong books he published? Thanks
  15. The Canadian Thread

    In Horse Stance, as minutes seem to be hours, it will solve your problem!