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  1. The path to enlightenment, or the practice of meditation, has biological consequences to the practitioner, as measured by brain and body chemistry. .....and brain electrical output. Lots of research has established that phenomenon and I won't rehash all of that. Also, I believe that there are inductive changes in the energy fields of people surrounding realized beings, leading to unconscious learning and biological changes as well. This is where the teacher teaches without teaching. This phenomenon is also called transmission. Regarding remote influencing of people's biology by masters, Lynne McTaggert has written a book documenting much of that research called The Field.
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    Hi: I don't know why I haven't joined this forum before, but here I am now. I am a qigong practitioner who does a little Tai chi and have been doing this since 1995. I am first a speaker and writer of English, and second, Spanish. I live in Costa Rica and write the blog, Qigong Healing Arts. I am looking forward to having discussions with members of this forum and learning new things about Taoism and people's experiences. Namaste!