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  1. Hi all! I finally am able to post, and wanted to add to the discussion above as it relates to experiences had at the seminar. I also attended, and am always amazed at what I get out of going! My very first seminar, I experienced the same subtlety of energy Lewis spoke on. Not too much, but definitely discernible. This was my 4th seminar so far, and each time I go, I can tell the energy projected is increasingly more intense. This seminar, it felt like I was facing a decent sized bond fire and standing about 5 feet away from it. Also, after a seminar I feel more confident in my practice, and feel as though I am able to move quite a bit more energy. The initial "wow" factor of the energy projection is great, but one of the things I like most is how my independent practice improves afterward. Its normal to be skeptical, especially in a society that embraces the value of statistics to validate somethings existence; but to those whom may be on the fence, I strongly encourage you to try one of Michael's seminars for yourself. -Bryan
  2. New Bum saying helo!

    Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to The Tao Bums and thought I might be able to contribute to the community from time to time. I currently practice Qi Gong under kempomaster, and have and the privilege of attending several of WindChi's seminars. I've been regularly practicing Qi Gong for 2 years. Nice to meet you all.