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  1. A Weekend of Tai Chi with Richard Clear

    Richard Clear will be offering a full weekend of Tai Chi intensive learning in DC on September 20th-22nd. He will be focusing on two specific jins or energies- borrowing and spiraling on Sat. and then on Sun. move to a more martial focus with a unique internal push hands training method for internal power development and how to take Tai Chi skills into a free-style fighting format. To ensure everyone receives personal attention and the most help possible in acquiring these skills attendance is limited. To register: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e7bkg5a52d9c0ef5&llr=lwdvnwjab
  2. Saying Hey

    Hello Everyone, My name is Aaron and I teach and practice material from the Energy Arts System, founded by Bruce Frantzis. Including The Wu short form of Tai Chi,the five neigungs, and a small bit of hsing yi, mostly santi. I have just recently relocated to wild and wonderful Harper's Ferry,West Virginia. I have decided to begin teaching full time as a career. This will include classes locally and weekend workshops along the Eastern Coast. For more information and upcoming events my website is : My link thank you Aaron