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  1. Hello. How do I get the qi out of my head?

    That's good advice. I do tend to be pretty ADD when it comes to these types of practices, but I think now that I've done a lot of exploring I'm ready to settle in to a single practice. I don't think the qi in my head is really a big deal so far I was just curious if there was a certain method to get it down just in case I ever have an overload. I read a book about embryonic breathing and it says to focus on the dantien too. I've had some success with doing that, but sometimes I feel like I can't find the correct location of it. I guess I have to just do it until I develop more of a feeling for the dantein. Thanks.
  2. Hello. How do I get the qi out of my head?

    Wow, what a coincidence! I get all of my practices out of his book Yoga and Kriya, which is an amazingly useful book. I also have the book you mentioned which I just started reading a few days ago. It seems like it too will be a very useful book. That's interesting that he says to start with the ajna and then go from the root up because that's exactly what I've been doing so far. Haha I do regularly. I find I can much more easily control qi, but it still gets stuck in my head. I had a crazy experience once where I felt like my head was getting sucked out of the top of my head and it felt like a huge amount of energy poured into me. That time I could actually kind of control it and make it go down into my body. It was weird though, it seemed like the energy had a mind of its own and was moving around my body by itself like it was looking around. Weird.
  3. Hello. How do I get the qi out of my head?

    Because it only happens when I raise qi to my head.
  4. Hi there. I've been lurking this forum for about a year and it's been a big help to me so far. I don't really practice qi gong very much, but I'm taking a tai chi class that we do about 10 minutes of qi gong in. I'm more into yoga and meditation at this point. One thing I was wondering is how to make the qi go down out of your head. I started doing a practice from the Bhagavad Gita where you focus on the point between your eyebrows and after doing it for a while I start to get a lot of pressure there and sometimes even burning pain in my brain. I was wondering if anyone knew any effective methods to get this qi to go down the functional channel perhaps? I've read some stuff about microcosmic orbit and I keep trying to get it to go down by putting the tongue on the palette and trying to focus the energy down, but it doesn't really work. Any advice for a newbie?