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  1. Does AYP give bad kundalini advice?

    Hi, TI! I've seen some of your posts on AYP, and am curious why you seem to have so much hostility toward them (and Yogani). I mean this totally sincerely... you have much more experience in this area than I do (only been practicing steadily for 6 months), and I value your input. Could you point me toward another system that you would recommend?
  2. Hello! (newbie)

    Hello Tao bums! I heard about this forum from AYP's site, and would love to join in the discussion! I'm a 25 year old male living in the southern USA. I have been practicing AYP (Deep meditation, spinal breathing) twice daily for about 6 months (and less consistently for about 6 months before that), and have really enjoyed the 'benefits'. I'm kind of interested in checking out other systems, though, and figured this forum is a great place to get some ideas! I just recently bought some of Montak Chia's books, and am considering trying out the microcosmic orbit for a little while. I look forward to future discussions! Dave