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  1. Sitting posture

    This has all been really helpful to correct my sitting posture. I think it is the size of my thighs, being quite large and thick I needed to prop myself up much higher. I was running out of things to use and ended up with two jumpers and a blanket ontop of my cushions. But it worked great, my hips rotated and opened and my spine became erect in a very natural way. Then my spine is supported just like when i'm standing, almost. I can't believe it's taken me a few years to figure this out The breath and Qi flow is also an important aspect to incorporate into my practice, so thankyou for some insight into this, it is helpful as to where i'm putting my focus. And thankyou to all for the help and suggestions offered, it is appreciated.
  2. Sitting posture

    Ok great, thanks so much for these replies. I think the main problem I have been finding is when I'm sitting it takes alot of effort to keep my spine straight, which then puts alot of strain on different parts, mainly my hips / thighs and lower spine. I've tried sitting a bit higher and noticed there is less strain and that I'm sitting more from my core, but as Friend mentioned, my but still seems to sink into the ground which results in tension or pinching in different parts of my body. When I was sitting a bit higher I noticed if I held myself up ontop of my but it took away a bit of tension, but when I relaxed I sunk into the ground again and felt my lower spine pinching. Again I also noticed with a bit of improvement in my flexibility, which could let my hips open up alot more bringing my knees and legs closer to the ground also helped in relieving some of the effort and tension. I will check out these links and experiment a bit more. Thanks again for the help! Also for the advice on yin yoga, this gives me some insight into my practice and I can understand what you are meaning.
  3. Sitting posture

    Hi, I've been meditating for a few years now and I still seem unable to get my sitting posture correct. I sit in burmese posture and am unable to fit into much else really. I've been doing alot of yin yoga though and this is really helping my flexibility. Well I was hoping to get some advice on how one can go about correcting sitting posture and finding the right way to sit for ones body type. I've been playing around with it for a few months, trying different things, but I can't seem to get it right. I'd really appreciate some advice so thanks for any help offered.
  4. Hi i'm very new to anything taoism also and have only done a small portion of reading online thus far. What does everybody think of the website? Personally I'm interested in transforming the body and expanding it's capacity for higher consciousness (along with all the health benefits) so any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. On the website mentioned above it talks about running the orbit up the front of the body first and then down the spine in order to bring balance the lower tan tian, and also by running a mini orbit around the lower tan tien area also. From my limited reading, I feel like I should out by opening channels. So i've started with a few simple practices like deep breathing, stretching, acupressure, some grounding exercises and also some short zhan zhuang. After a bit of work with these practices I would assume the next step for me would be to "establish the abdomen". Hopefully someone can comment on this idea, i'm really just experimenting with what works. I've felt a few times certain parts of myself getting a little tired or going out of balance and thus have taken a good break from things (which is rare for me). I think I've developed a decent sensitivity of myself, if this helps i'm trying to be careful.
  5. Hello

    Hey, I've been reading on the taobums for a little while now and have been able to find some great info. I'm mainly focused on ascension, and at present am finding taoism has something to offer in my journey. Look forward to learning more and I'm grateful for the resources this website has provided, so thankyou!