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  1. Professional Poker Player - Is it bad karma?

    I am sorry, where do you see aces being 4 to 1 favorite here? You are really expecting barryg to fold aces to durrrr here?
  2. Professional Poker Player - Is it bad karma?

    I don't want to be harsh with you but it looks like you have no idea what you are in for. Playing poker for a living is probably one of the worse things you can do right now. The games are so dry and online poker being banned in US is making pro players tear their hair out. The problem you are facing is very silly. Gambling is not advised in Buddhism, period. But, playing poker for a living does not make you a bad person. Many people enjoy poker now and it is viewed as a semi 'sport' so most likely you won't be playing against people who are gambling addicts and ruining their lives. You will be playing on the other hand a very strong group of players. With information readily available, there is a huge surplus of strong solid players. If there was a 'easy money' poker train, then it left in 2007. I invite you to 2p2 forums to read about some harsh realities of being a poker player. You are not taking into account living expenses, health insurance, emergency fund, unemployment gap, taxes, tough competition, dry games, swings, consistent income, etc. I am not even talking about certain lifestyle choices and sacrifices. It's just stupid. You sound young and a bit naive. If you want to give it a shot. Go watch Rounders, take $2000 and go to Las Vegas, when you come back broke it should be out of your system. If there was one of the worse times to become a poker player, it would be in 2013.
  3. Wisdom from Scientists

    Don't hesitate get laid that's wisdom Sitting around chanting what crap
  4. ...

    This post is very true. Especially about the whole physiology part. I would have to also bring more attention to 'not being careful' with this new sexual energy. You very much can exhibit bipolar manic tendencies if you let your emotions to run wild. Many people who start retaining will say that it does not work for them and it makes them angry and frustrated and there are no benefits, this is because most people are not used to this energy. It gets better with practice, you definitely become more in control and many positive emotions and the state of well being arises instead. But before that happens you really have to keep yourself in check.
  5. Increasing sperm production

    Take Maca, Tribulus, Citrulline/Arginine.
  6. Shadow people

    Shadow people? Is this what taobums came to? Honestly, you should relax and discard anything "paranormal", shadow people dont exist.
  7. suggestion

    Um, it seems like this forum becoming mixed religions rather than Tao focused...
  8. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Of course, Mantak Chia, forgot about him. About testes in the rectum, I dont think it works this way
  9. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Could someone point me to the good resource on MCO?
  10. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Does Microcosmic Orbit works for channeling sexual energy? Should I be doing it, any pointers?
  11. I would think that teaching that lust is a sin and must be repressed (Christianity) will lead to more trouble and abuse rather than teachings of being aware of lust (Buddhism). The former is not a good strategy, it is no surprise that such powerful repressed desire can manifest itself in a very unstable and perverted way. The later on the other hand is a much better way to cope with desire, when you are aware of it, you become aware of many other emotions and can choose the right course of action. I have a hard time accepting that such claims are true about Buddhists. There might be some abuse going on, its a statistical certainty, but nothing compared to Catholicism, imho.
  12. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    For me it was only 5-7 days, but that's when your testosterone peaks. But this kind of energy was mostly horniness fueled by testosterone spike. After 2 weeks or so that's when I actually felt more calm and steady energy, you get used to it eventually and it gets better overall, you feel very energetic daily. It can come in waves, some days totally calm but energized and some days a bit overwhelming, but the longer you go the easier for it to plateau and get used to it.
  13. Don't hesitate get laid that's wisdom; sitting around chanting what crap

  14. tulku, serious question. Why do you have a need to show everyone your belief system? If you want to share, that's great, but how come your replies are always so defensive and vague? People have tried to engage you in a discussion only to be shot down by you. It is simply disrespectful. If you want to share something, share it openly and without judgment. You mix alot of religions and philosophies. Why? What is the connection between Christian belief of hell/heaven, Hinduism, Buddhism? End of the world in Dec. 2012, why bring it up? You also preach ascetic life, then what are you doing here on internet spending good portion of your time here? You don't think its contradictory?
  15. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    He is not trolling. He is either mentally ill or he had some terrible experiences in life (sexual to be exact), its a self-defense mechanism. His psychotic rationalization is his way to cope with the world. The saddest part is that his zeal is not even religiously justified because everything is taken way out of context and simply wrong. Goldenfox tried to point him in the right direction but it didnt work. In all honesty, people like these should be ignored but its a shame that a forum like this is tainted by nonsense.