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    Hello everyone. I'm here because of a spiritual experience I had earlier this month. In short, due to my marijuana use, I channeled spirits, both positive and negative, some were lingering souls, others were higher spirits. This dilemma caused me to face myself, my fears, and who I was as a person. I have always had ESP, which is quite noticeable, and it was also according to a Chinese Astrologist I saw when I was in elementary school (and a lucky star, idk what that means exactly). After my encounters with the spirits, I began to have other "feelings". Physical, not emotional. It was like electricity, my hands were like magnets to each other, sometimes to plants, sometimes to objects, especially metal objects. I could put my hands together, and it was like an invisible ball of energy was forming between my hands, and I could feel it grow or throw it somewhere away. My solar plexus is especially sensitive to energy, and I am just about finished dealing with another spirit who came to me under my marijuana use very recently(I was paranoid when I went to the bookstore trying to hide my extremely red eyes... now I'm not smoking for a while anymore). I really enjoy the energy from plants however, it is very tingly and strong, especially with the plants I am raising myself. They are very loving, and it is nice to connect with them on another level. I think the reason I am able to pick up the energy so easily, feel it, etc is because of my diet, consisting of lots of vegetables, grains, fresh juice, and almost no meat... and from when I used marijuana to become familiar with some of my chakras, especially my third eye. My mind's eye can be surprisingly powerful sometimes, allowing me to see what I used to think was just my imagination. I am not completely new to this spirit stuff, since I've read about it very much, but I never really thought of it as much until I experienced "channeling", automatic writing, automatic typing, etc. I actually almost got possessed by some kind of curse or demon, but that didn't happen. Close call though. I'm fine now. I just have to be 100% clear now. However, I sometimes feel tiny movements in my pinky and ring fingers, sometimes I get confused on whether it is a spirit or if it is just chi/life force energy moving through... if someone could clarify this that would be great. I had also purchased Terry Dunn's Flying Phoenix Chi Kung for Health DVD series, and am now practicing his DVDs. I can say the energy from practicing his moves is definitely noticeable, and everyone seems to look at me when I go out now. I feel more calm, level headed, and can speak about what is on my mind much more clearly now. It has been almost a week since I got the DVDs, and am still trying to memorize the breath sequences. I'm hoping to reach some tangible results, especially the healing, as soon as possible. I have been practicing and memorizing for about 2 -3 hours a day. Time seems to fly when I practice. That's about all I have to say, I've been reading through the forums, mostly the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung thread gathering information, but realized I had to post here first. Now that this is over with, I look forward to being an active member of this forum!