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  1. semen & the brain

    Easy peasy.
  2. Daoist Alchemy: Jerry A. Johnson

    I have been saying for the longest time now that JAJ is amazing and his material is always chock full of the good stuff. I learned a bunch of qigong techniques off of his medical qigong dvd's and they clearly explained a lot of advanced stuff that I've seen one of my teachers do (but were not explained yet to me). The proof is in the pudding.
  3. Taoist Yoga Discussion thread

    I'm very sure that the Wu Liu Pai of that "All-Dao" website have nothing to do with this type of training because they has a vehement disposition towards any kind of sitting practice - and it is painfully obvious that the techniques with Taoist Yoga are based on sitting. As far as I know the only people who have trained with the Bei Pai are the teachers from the TCCI.
  4. Taoist Yoga Discussion thread

    In my opinion, even though some of you fellows have some amazing conjecture here, the only people I know of who are really very qualified to define what the precise alchemy is and how it's done are the people from Bei Pai, one of the original nothern chinese lineages from which these teachings come from. It's difficult enough to reverse engineer a system without having a bona fide practitioner of the system with you and relying solely on a difficult and obscure text. just look at how you guys butt heads sometimes. The only people who can define what's what really are the people who have been passing down these teachings and practicing them for generations. I know for a fact that there are a few indoor practitioners of this system, but no one really ever hears that much from them.
  5. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    I'm sure we will all know the authenticity of his teachings in 7 years when the world ends according to him. He may talk much, but seriously how can you expect a rational individual to take seriously someone who gives us doomsday woo-woo and who refuses to even reveal his own real identity despite being a "prophet" and "saviour of mankind", and tries his best to discredit pretty much everyone else who did not take the very same path he did? Until then, I am quite the skeptic, and would you really think a real deal immortal would really bother with somebody who disagreed with him on an internet messageboard? Don't you think that immortals have better things to do than to chit-chat on the net? If he is so far above us, don't you think there are better things to do than sit about and piss about over the internet? don't you think he would have better priorities? I have every right to question and be skeptic. actually my main issue is not even that he is who he is - I could not care less about another kook on the net - honestly he is not worth my time, and if he is smart, he holds the same opinion towards me. My main concerns here are the following: 1.)that he calls these people frauds and cultists based on NO factual evidence whatsoever, 2.)consistently derailing a thread dedicated to a sole topic of discussion (XYP), which he has nothing useful to directly contribute except his attacks on the group 3.)saying that there is only one method to which one can become achieved in the arts of taoism, of course which is not true. -- Honestly I've wasted enough of my time here. I'm out, you all have fun, and if you all ever actually have any kind of productive discussion consider it a blessing. Peace
  6. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    Did the monkey god also send you a friend request and give you a five star rating? is he also a five star god? if he has less than forty friends I would be quite sad. ------------ jokes aside. I suggest that people who have questions for Flowinghands to start a new thread - a mod could easily take the relevant posts and merge them into another thread. Is it that hard for us bums to stay relevant to the topic?
  7. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    So to put the thread back on track, 3 things: 1.Flowinghands and other people who wish to talk ill of the XYP (but have no first hand experience of it) are advised not to, as this is completely nonproductive. Of course, anything that talks about actual experience and/or knowledge is welcomed. 2.We will not talk anymore of Flowinghands (unless there's yet another thread dedicated to his own flavor of monkey business ) 3.The discussion will focus mainly on what the thread was actually intended for - to ask questions, to hear from the members, to learn more about the group. Interestingly enough, I actually had a correspondence with one of the members who was giving the free online course on taoism, his name was albert. I liked the fellow very much, he was very polite and had some interesting things to say on the philosophical side of taoism (of which I agreed with very much). I advise folk to check out their free course. It's sad that their sect is not in my country, as I would have definitely met them in person if I could have.
  8. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    lol i love the logic on this guy - "there are a few people showing interest aside from the original poster" - it must be spam! LOL let people promote what they want on here - the taobums can be a vicious crowd. there are very few groups or individuals here who go unscathed, and if they do that is something else. obviously flowinghand is not one of these people - it only takes a simple search back in time to see the number of people who think he is full of animal excrement. there are quite a few threads on this. as for the fact that he thinks that simple clicks on a mousepad mean anything - he obviously knows a great ton about the internet. if some nutters think that the world is going boom just by another nutter's words , i guess that means something. who is the greater fool - the fool who leads the fools or the ones who follow him?
  9. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    Facts? That is a noun you have yet to learn to grasp a hold of, or even know what it implies. I'm not for or against the TSM, but one thing that will never get through your head is that you are no better than anyone else you call dubious. You stick out like a sore thumb, a pot that calls the kettle black. you have proven *nothing* in your entire duration here to warrant you as an authority figure on anything - how's that for a fact? You hide behind your computer making judgment on the world and cry like a child when the bad, bad people on the bad computer world don't believe in your fabrications. there have been many, many good teachers here who are widely respected here on this forum - who contribute freely to the community, engage in respectful discussion and are open to the thoughts and experiences of other people. You definitely aren't one of them. You are the proverbial full cup. While is quite obvious here is that you respect no one here - so I expect you to keep on with your mud slinging and your deluded "i'm immortal! too bad no one will teach you" , "only I hold the true knowledge, you will never have it" argument that even a five year old can pull off. Have fun.
  10. Tai Shang Men - Xiao Yao Pai - LONDON Event.

    I think it's nuts that you call on the mods to defend your pompous behaviour on this thread and the forum. You make ridiculous, unverifiable claims all the time and yet you have the balls to call on the mods when people doubt who you are (which they have a million reasons to) and what you claim to be? You say the world is going to end in a few decades or so, you see visions and stuff. You claim you are an immortal reincarnated into a human body (-makes no f*cking sense by the way-), a chosen one being taught by an entity that has dubious roots even among the regular chinese pantheon. and you get pissed because people don't agree with you aside from your trolling someone else's thread, or condone your unsolicited childish behaviour of *look at me, look at me! I"m the expert!!! ME!!*. Honestly all you are doing is making yourself look childish; a needy insecure wanna-be authority figure with no comprehension of modesty (since when was an "immortal" a self aggrandizing braggart) or respect for everyone else's thoughts and concerns. If you think you can just come on to our forum and act like some kind of prophet messiah despite having proven *nothing*, and expecting everyone to RESPECT you regardless of how little you give respect to other people, then I'm at a loss for words - are you simply blind to understanding basic human behaviour (in which case you should be pitied) or too deluded to even see that majority of people here are indifferent to your ways or even worse, view you as an emperor with no clothes and no kingdom? Calling on the mods? Sheesh, give us a break. oh by the way, lets wait for more of his stereotypical behaviour of "monkey king something thing, I'm an immortal something something, you know nothing something something". you know it's coming.
  11. My first question is: why would you even compare "lucifierian" methodology to taoist alchemy? The two have no relation to another. Luciferian stuff is about working with certain-less than benevolent deities etc, while taoist alchemy is about working with and manipulating the processes of your own internal body. Just because Universal Tao is using flowery language to describe something that can't be understood literally doesn't mean you have to make correlations between sects that have nothing to do or do not even acknowledge taoist practices. In taoist alchemy, it is not necessary at all to work with deities (although you can do this if you want), but it is not an integral part of the process. You could be an atheist and still open up all your channels and fill your dantien - that's the beauty and universality of taoist alchemy. In my opinion you should get off of the theosophical stuff because first of it all it espouses fantastic, dualistic western ways of thinking (duality and solidity of good and evil, "great white brotherhood" and "great dark brotherhood" lol), and frankly because so much of it is BS. the theosophists are the armchair experts of the mysticism world and most of these writers write tracts of stuff that are both fantastical and non practical, madame blavatsky included. The theosophists generally think they know everything but hardly have a rigorous set of practices that lead you to somewhere the way that taoist alchemy is. Taoist alchemy is based solely on practice, and is realized through such. It is not reliant on belief systems (oh if I worship lucifer he will take away my soul and make me stronger!) because it works with the fundamental body-mind which we all have and use regardless of orientation. My point it is it is often a fruitless task to try and examine something of a tradition and compare and correlate it with another tradition from which it is completely removed from. It's like judging a durian fruit based on how an apple should be.
  12. The OFFICIAL Shifu Lin aka Micah aka Hern Hung.

    Micah David Collins of the self-given pseudonym "Naziri" lives in Ohio. I believe the details state he lives in Dayton but formerly lived in Cincinnati. He is a web designer by trade, and according to his LinkedIn profile was actually an assistant instructor in teaching that stuff. ----------------------- Since he is Lin's "do-it-all guy" (they are the same person after all) he most likely also made the website. He also manages Lin's PayPal account.
  13. No one on this board has the right or authority to judge this man. Has no one any compassion or empathy here.

    I've seen things you would not believe being done with dedicated practitioners of tenaga dalam. but of course no one would believe me because they are not lead by the almighty Chang.