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    Very good explanation Effi. Your illustration of ‘rock’ is very good parable. We can start from earth energy and developing the system to refine it to reach heaven.. We can start from heaven energy and developing the system to connect into earth. The other difference is the exercises system. Just like water purification. We can use chemical, filter or distillation. Every system use different rule.

    Very interesting topic. Taoism has been passing very long period. If it counts from Lao Tse the history is about 2.500 years. If it counts from Huang Ti the history is about 5.000 years. In this long period Taoism grew and spread into many sects and clans. There are hundred Taoist groups that were researching to develop Taoist cultivation system. Sometime every clan has different system and exercises base on their personal research. Taoist accepts the differences as natural things. They are not judge that other different systems are wrong. Even sometime they learn each other to compare and upgrade the system. Base on above spirit, I will share cultivation system that is used in Xiao Yao Pai (XYP) Our main practice is called Tao Yin Shu (TYS). Most of people know TYS as ancient form of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. But in XYP we inherited different type of TYS although the outer form is look similar. Refer to the meaning of the word ‘Tao Yin’ which can be translated as to lead or to guide, so in XYP we need the guider to practice TYS. And the guider is Taoist immortal (Shen Xian) who already success in cultivating ‘Shen’. To make us possible connect with Taoist immortal and receive some guidance, there are two possible ways as: 1. We meditate until reach very high dimension. 2. We been initiated by Taoist who is a master in Tao Yin Shu. After we have an ability to connect with Taoist immortal (Shen Xian) then our Shen will be activated by Shen Xian directly. Shen Xian connects to our Shen and then develops our Qi and Jing. This exercise is called Shen Gong. It is like energy transformation system from Shen into Qi and Jing. So this process can be said as Shen Qi Jing. After the system already developed then we can cultivate Jing Qi Shen easier just by follow the way that already developed. The process is automatically and naturally under guidance of Taoist immortal. In XYP the concept of Jing Qi Shen is an energy transformation and not physical cultivation. We translated Jing as life essence or vitality and it is a kind of energy. People with healthy body means they have strong Jing. Jing also can be said as regeneration energy because this energy is the main ‘material’ for our physical regeneration cells. Not just semen but also blood, saliva, muscle, bone and others physical material. We cultivate Jing become Qi before it transforms into physical material. Because Jing is not semen, so women also able to cultivates Jing Qi Shen. And men don’t need to celibate or keep the semen. The key is how to find the way absorbing and cultivating Jing become Qi and then become Shen. As long as our nutrition is enough we have enough Jing to regenerate our all physical cells. Producing semen is just needs little part of Jing. So we don't have to keep our semen all the time. The most important is how to supply the energy and cultivate it and not just keep the energy. My explanation above refers to the system that is used in XYP. Zhang Tao Ling is very famous Taoist and he also not celibate. Maybe he also finds the way to absorb Jing before it become semen. I don’t mean to say that the method that base on semen retention is wrong. It is not wrong just different system. Zerostao has been practicing TYS for a year. I think he can share his experience when his ‘Shen’ activated and the effect of his Qi and Jing. On 24 August, Effi plans to learn TYS. I hope he can share his experience in this forum. Warmest, Albert
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    Dear Master Zerostao.... I just realized that you are senior member in this forum..... Wishing you enjoy your path....
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    Hi....Gold.... It is a pleasure if I can share and discuss about Taoism here.....
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    Dear All, Yes TempleTao, is Tai Shang Men site. Just for share, maybe we ever heard about Taoism cultivation that is called "Jing Qi Shen". To cultivate, we need to do certain exercise. In a simple explanation: Qi Gong is an exercise to cultivate Jing become Qi. Shen Gong is an exercise to cultivate Qi become Shen. Practicing Sheng Gong is very usefull for anyone who has been learning any kind of Qi Gong before. Shen Gong will upgrade our internal Qi system instantly. Shen Gong also the gate to entering spiritual world. This art can become a bridge for scientist and atheist to investigate spiritual world. We hope this art can support anyone who learns Taoism Peace & Joy Albert
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    Dear All, I am Taoist from Indonesia. I hope I can learn many side of Taoism here... Peace and Joy albert