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  1. American Trash

    lol when I saw this I was like wtf.. Good song though
  2. Hello!

    lol shouldn't of said mastered
  3. Meditating (Could be sleeping)

  4. What do you have for breakfast?

    I wake up by lunch time or later. Soo oatmeal. Pizza. food.
  5. What are you listening to?

    An amazing song.
  6. What are you listening to?

    Some Disturbed, system of a down, scars on broad way, and just worshiping Serj Tankian's voice.
  7. Definitions of God

    I see nothing behind me but that's because I am alone at the moment. But when I look in myself I don't see another person or a divine being. I see a soul calmly flowing in my body. Reacting to the emotions around me. I see myself as a god. I don't need someone else to be god especially one I never met.
  8. Hello!

    Hello forum. My name's Koanu. I am from Wisconsin. I only practice Tai Chi. Once I master it I plan on using it as a basis for Bagua and I decided to join so I can talk to people like me. Not a lot of them around here fat lazy people mostly.