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  1. samsara

    Well, if you wanna use the word 'convention', I use the words "term" and "concept"(read post #146), they're basically the same thing. So, again, thank you for parroting my post numbered #146. I know that's what you're good at. If you can't dispute what the other person says, all you do is to lend support to his/her comment and make it sound authoritative and also to have the last say, it makes it seem like you're right And this point that you're making about "ultimately no arising, no origination and no cessation", sounds exactly like 1 of those things you debated with Lucky7Strikes in your thread before ...but to no avail
  2. samsara

    What nonsense. 'Dependent Origination' is itself a term, a concept, used to describe its namesake. It's just as 'permanent' or going on for eternity as any of the Dharma Seals. How can you say it's never permanent? It seems that what you're trying to say is not 'dependent origination' that is never permanent, but all things or phenomena that are never permanent because of dependent origination.
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    hi to all.