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  1. I am under the impression that we are still in the Age of Aquarius, since previously we were in the Piscean Age. Plus if you look at the world and how we operate it looks very Aquarian. Capricorn comes after Aquarius and Leo after Capricorn. Keep in mind that Capricorn is a dark sign, which means things may get darker....
  2. Can't get relaxed enough for meditation

    You can also try to sit against a wall of even in a chair to get some back support, to relax the body you need to be thorough in releasing tension trapped in the muscles, joints and nervous system. It's an important step towards entering into meditation, its a preliminary practice. What is also important is to learn how to relax every moment in regular day to day activities, because if we are tense all day, that tension will be more difficult to release during meditation. So learn how to relax all the time, plus its always better to be relaxed.
  3. Astral Body in Fourth Way

    You have made a powerful discovery in relation to the sexual energy and its power. When it's wasted then obviously a great deal of energy goes along with it. Since sexual energy (obviously with the physical counterpart) creates physical bodies then it makes logical sense that the sexual energy has an important role in the development of the solar vehicles, bodies. However just as you need a partner of the opposite sex to create children, you also need such a partner to elaborate those solar bodies. Since it's a conscious act with intelligence guiding the whole process, it needs to be accompanied by certain qualities such as love and to develop love you need to work hard in maintaining ethics, meditating on your defects etc. So this whole process of elaborating the solar bodies (astral is just one of these bodies) is a conscious effort, not a mechanical one since the higher levels of existence are conscious levels. Mechanical creatures have only mechanical bodies belonging to mechanical nature, so for example we only possess the inferior "lower" mechanical astral body.
  4. Astral Body in Fourth Way

    I have already trawled through such forums and discussions, not with an attitude against anything opposed to these teachings, but rather to see what people have to say as it's always interesting to hear what others have to say about something, for or against. To be perfectly honest with you, I didn't see anything to be alarmed about when it comes to the original teachings themselves. Lets not forget that any group of people with a like-minded opinion of something can become a cult. Even a cult-watch group itself can, as strange as it may seem, turn into a cult. Is it then really that much of a surprise to discover that people turn Gnostic, Buddhist, Taoist, Chrisitan etc groups into cults? I suggest that others decide for themselves what they feel is right. Don't simply take anyone's word for it (even a so called guru on the topic), do your own research and use your own intelligence to come to an understanding for yourself.
  5. Astral Body in Fourth Way

    Sure, there is definitely a literal branch to Alchemy. However my statement focuses on the spiritual meaning of art depicting Alchemy in its mystical form. I'm glad that you pointed this out because it's important to make this distinction.
  6. The Kundalini is an integral part of spirituality, it is the basis of the whole thing. Kundalini is a type of energy but so is Consciousness. Even matter is a type of condensed energy. What you refer to as Kundalini awakening, where it is lifted up towards the pineal gland via the spine, is actually an advanced practice which is something that only a male and female couple working together in a loving relationship can achieve, through the sexual union of course. There are no negative effects from this. Awakening refers to activating and utilizing the free consciousness that is not contained within the ego (subconsciousness, habits etc) such as anger, lust, pride etc. By actively working to observe the defects in action everyday, restraining them and then eliminating them via comprehension within meditation, the consciousness that is asleep and trapped by those aggregates (egos) is liberated to become free consciousness. The kundalini is the sexual energy, so if you waste it by orgasm (men and women) or by ejaculation then you are wasting the vital principals and energy you need to assist in freeing trapped consciousness and developing the inner bodies (when you meet you partner and start practicing further). So they are all intertwined together, need each other to have a complete practice, otherwise the results will not come to fruition.
  7. Astral Body in Fourth Way

    That snake lifted up by Moses is the Kundalini raised up the central column (spine) symbolized by the staff/pole. The Alchemical knowledge was secret, hidden in former times so it was alluded to in heavy symbolism. However a clue is present, take note of the type of metal mentioned, "bronze/brass". This type of alloy is a composite of different metals, however its primarily composed of copper and tin which is masculine and the other, copper is feminine, copper(negative)-tin(positive). To simplify it further; to raise the snake (Kundalini) within each one of us is only possible through the co-operation of a male-female couple, obviously in sexual union through a relationship/marriage based on an unadulterated love for one another. We are that laboratory depicted in many Alchemical art pieces. It's not literal, about getting base metals and combining them etc to get a rare, valuable type of metal. FraterUFA: Esoteric symbolism has many layers of meaning, therefore the best way to get information from them is via meditation practice, although understanding gained from study is a useful aid in the process. That way one does not rely solely on the writings of another but one becomes a competent investigator for him/herself.
  8. Astral Body in Fourth Way

    According to my own esoteric studies there is a simpler way to understand this; We have the physical body which is the densest body we have, within this body we also have subtle bodies; mental-causal-astral, these bodies are protoplasmic, lunar in nature, meaning they were created by nature through mechanical means via the evolution of the consciousness through various forms of life/bodies through the different kingdoms/departments of nature; mineral-plant-animal. After developing to a very high degree within the animal kingdom via more complex sophisticated bodies the consciousness is granted entry into a humanoid body, thus here we are now (although we have had many rounds within these bodies already). From this point spirituality comes into play if we choose to progress further beyond the humanoid state, we are still animals psychologically since we have come from that kingdom previously. So the next step up this "ladder" involves eliminating our animal nature and developing the true human nature instead. The bodies we need to build are superior to the ones we already have, they are completely different and cannot be created mechanically by nature, they are consciously built. Therefore they are referred to as solar bodies (remember the ones we have are lunar because they are created by nature mechanically). To build the solar bodies is a great laborious work involving the sacred science of sexual alchemy (remember the old Alchemical tradition?) see below, male-female becoming one overcoming the dragon (ego). Now if we choose not to purify ourselves and become true humans, then we can no longer evolve upwards into superior levels, the humanoid level is as far as nature can take us. So what happens is that we degenerate into inferior bodies on the devolving side of nature, ultimately we end up in the lower worlds known as hell, and go further into it to reach the second death which is where nature will eliminate the ego for us (with much pain) so that we can enter again into the evolving mineral kingdom and back up again to reach the humanoid state. This is the wheel of becoming (Samsara). This is what we need to overcome otherwise we will continue to suffer.
  9. Premature Kundalini. How to tread careful?

    My understanding is that Kundalini cannot be awakened spontaneously, accidentally or by obscure, non-specific methods. There is a specific science behind awakening the Kundalini, so if those are not being met, then there is no way for the Kundalini to rise. It seems that many people who enter the spiritual world and experience some energetic, nervous, psychosomatic or psychological phenomena for which they have no explanation, are quick to classify it as some form of Kundalini awakening symptom. This is like a doctor diagnosing a problem in a pseudo-scientific manner. The Kundalini actually heals the body and transforms it into a properly working organism, it does not cause all sorts of disabling psychic, energetic or physical problems. This is why Moses (of the old testament) said to raise the bronze/brass serpent upon a pole and we shall be healed. He was speaking of the Kundalini, now within that statement he also made it clear what one of the primary requirements were to actually raising the serpent.
  10. Incense

    If you are wondering how to use resin incense, this video pretty much explains the process. Resin incense is great as it's the raw material extracted directly from the plant. Stick incense is good too, especially if the material (herbs, resins and binders) are quality. Perfumed incense is rather cheap and to be honest with you, I have doubts about the effect they produce, if any at all. If you want to read more about incense and in general which ones are used for what purpose, then check out this article detailing some of this; Incense Usage
  11. Runes

    Book: Magic of the Runes: And Spiritual Secrets of Virgil's Aeneid For a full course on the Runic alphabet, I highly recommend: RUNES
  12. What the hell is the abyss anyways?

    CHAOS (Greek Ļ‡Ī¬ĪæĻ‚) khaos "abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty." There are three primary applications of this term. "The first Chaos from which the cosmos emerged is between the Sephiroth Binah and Chesed. The second Chaos, from where the fundamental principles of the human being emerged, exists within Yesod-Mercury, which is the sexual human center. The third Chaos, the Infernal Worlds, exists below the Thirteenth Aeons in the region of Klipoth, in the underworld." - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled The abyss (not the inferior abyss), or the "Great Deep." Personified as the Egyptian Goddess Neith. The Great Mother, the Immaculate Virgin from which arises all matter. The Chaos is WITHIN the Ain Soph. The primitive state of the universe. Esoterically, a reference to the semen, both in the microcosm and the macrocosm. Alchemically, it is said to be a mixture of water & fire, and it holds the seeds of the cosmos. "In truth Chaos came into being the very first." - Hesiod, Theogony "First I sung the obscurity of ancient Chaos, How the Elements were ordered, and the Heaven reduced to bound; And the generation of the wide-bosomed Earth, and the depth of the Sea, And Eros the most ancient, self-perfecting, and of manifold design; How he generated all things, and parted them from one another." - Orphic fragment (Greek)
  13. What the hell is the abyss anyways?

    The abyss that we should be aware of is really the third chaos which is the lowest of the three, the tenebrous underworld where darkness and misery reigns, the ones who deny their Innermost by divorcing themselves from Divinity will eventually migrate into the submerged layers of the earth within the inferior fifth dimension, clothed with their lunar protoplasmic bodies such souls enter into greater and greater levels of density as the laws multiply deeper down they go. The downward journey of the left hand path leads directly to the second death as mentioned by Dante Alighieri in his poetic work 'Dante's Divine Comedy'. In the 8th and 9th spheres of hell the complete disintegration of the ego takes place, said to be an unimaginably painful experience, the soul after being purified of the former aggregates is liberated back into the elemental kingdoms of nature starting at the bottom which is the mineral kingdom, slowly the soul, pushed by the evolving forces of mechanical nature, is raised into increasingly more complex mineral bodies until graduating into the plant kingdom which signifies a new level of development. From here the soul migrates from body to body until reaching the animal kingdom where it learn to fornicate in line with instinctual impulses for the generation of its species. Gradually the soul progresses to the stage where it learns individuality, it no longer moves with the herd as such, this signifies that the soul is close to entering into the humanoid kingdom which it lost previously before entering into the abyss. Upon entering into the humanoid kingdom, the soul is equipped with rationality, the intellect. With this newly acquired faculty, such a soul is capable of distinguishing the difference between purity and impurity (Good and Evil) the higher purpose is to transcend his lower animal nature and all the behaviors associated with those levels in order to enter into the higher planes of consciousness. If the soul is incapable of transcending his lower animal nature and gives in to the passions and lure of his/her ego, then after exhausting their karma to enter into new humanoid bodies, such souls devolve back into the lower kingdoms to again enter into the infernal worlds, aka hell, deepening their suffering and experiencing the horrors associated with the shadow worlds which are devoid of Divine qualities, they are actually inverted aspects of the higher Divine spheres or Sephiroth. There is no "final, absolute liberation" after the second death, the abyss is a revolving door back into the mechanical process of nature. The wheel of Samsara as some call it, the teachings of all the great Masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, Samael Aun Weor all teach how to consciously transcend this mechanical process, the ego is a child of mechanicity, thus the ego will eventually drag one back into the underworld to experience the horrors of hell. Read the book 'Hell, the Devil and Karma' by Samael Aun Weor if you are interested in this whole subject.
  14. Holy Guardian Angel

    Sometimes authors make huge mistakes, and actually they call the animal ego as guardian angel. Black magic distorts things and turns them upside down by calling the diabolic intelligence within as divine and giving it a "holy" name. The Gnostic master Samael Aun Weor clarifies: Guardian Angel "The flaming powers of the Guardian Angel are truly extraordinary, marvelous, and extremely divine. I know what the Guardian Angel is from purely Gnostic sources, secretly kept in monasteries of initiation. These bear no resemblance to common pseudo-Christianity and pseudo-occultism which are accessible to the general public." - Samael Aun Weor, The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac, and Dream Yoga Guardian of the Threshold "Theurgy is one thing and Necromancy is another... The internal master of the Theurgist is the Intimate. The internal master of the Necromancer is his Guardian of the Threshold to whom they call the guardian of their consciousness, the guardian of the precinct, the guardian of their chamber, the guardian of their sanctum... The Intimate is our Divine Spirit, our Real Being, our Internal Angel. The Guardian of the Threshold is the internal depth of our animal ā€œI.ā€ The Intimate is the ardent flame of Horeb. In accordance with Moses, the Intimate is the Ruach Elohim who sowed the waters in the beginning of the world. He is the Sun King, our Divine Monad, the Alter Ego of Cicerone. The Guardian of the Threshold is our Satan... our internal beast, the source of all of our animal passions and brutal appetites... The Real Being of the Theurgist is the Intimate. The superior ā€œIā€ of the Necromancer is the Guardian of the Threshold. The powers of the Intimate are divine. The powers of the Guardian of the Threshold are diabolic. The Theurgist worships the Intimate. The Necromancer worships the Guardian of the Threshold. The Theurgist avails himself with the power of his Intimate in order to perform his great works of practical magic. The Necromancer worships the Guardian of the Threshold for his works of black magic." - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub
  15. A question about possession

    There are various ways to combat negative influences; Mantras, prayers and conjurations, smudging, cleanses etc are all helpful. One has to be consistent. Also wasting the sexual fluids only helps to weaken oneself, thus making it easier to succumb to such attacks in the future. For more information you might like to read: