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  1. The experience of being

    A really inspiring story!
  2. Greetings from the north

    Hello Not long ago I tried meditating for the first time. I didn't read about it, or study any specific techniques. But one of my good friends had been in Vietnam a while for a spiritual jurney to get some insight on real life, not the modern society's constructed reality. He came back and we had some real deep conversations, and I had quite a few revelations that gave me almost an euphoric feeling because I felt like we were on to something. He did tell me about meditation, and one day, when I still had this really good feeling of gratitude it felt really natural just to try meditating. After a few minutes I started to feel this really warm energy in my lower back, and it was moving. I also had a piercing feeling all over my body, and it felt like cold wind was blowing through my hands. After about 15 minutes it felt natural to stop, and I went to take a shower. First everything was fine, and I felt normal. But after like 5 minutes in the shower I was grabbed by a panic like feeling, and I got really scared. I turned off the shower and called my friend right away. He told me that meditation could make suppressed feelings come alive to rins the body for negative emotions. I was really glad to hear this, and then I got really interested, and I want to learn more and practice more. It seems like the internet is full of information, and a lot of it seems a little devoid of content, but I found this site and I read a lot of things that seems credible. Who am I to judge right? But just my impression. Ok, all of this could just be my mind fooling with me, but I want to learn more, I really do. Im thinking that if every man did this and tried to be and feel nature it would make a significant difference. I feel like I have come to the right place