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  1. the Real Tea Party

  2. Thanks for the file. I finally got a chance to download it yesterday.
  3. dr oz tibetan episode?

    Meh, kinda of weak and designed for the mass market.
  4. Thanks for your answers to my numerous questions.
  5. Do you believe that matter exists or is there just light playing on a screen as Yogananda describes? How did I become conscious of being human if I am not human or my Self was not given to a human body? How could non-existence be aware of its non-existence? If non-existence has a Self capable of concupiousness, wouldn't it cease being non-existent? If this is "a living Aesop fable," who is dreaming this exchange? You or I, or is it one of the other posters, or all of us? If more than one, how are we having the same dream?
  6. My questions are in reference to the op. and are not statements of my personal beliefs. Know what is not in order to know what is.
  7. His ideas make more sense to me when out that way than they did in the op. thanks for being patient with me.
  8. If I have no control over my actions and I am destined to do whatever it is that I am supposed to do why would I be responsible for the act that I have no control over, and who would hold me responsible? The dreams are not mine as told by the sage in the op; I am in one of the dreams of nothingness.
  9. How can not being be another form of being? If I am not a lion, does that make me another form of a lion? How can there come to exist sentiment beings when there is no existence just the dreams of emptiness?
  10. Well, if what happens isn't up to us, and whatever is already is, why do we bother searching, investigating, or seeking? Why even bother working to lesson suffering? If this is actually the case, I should just sit around eating chocolate and watching tv, reading, and playing video games because, if that is the truth, I bear no responsibility for my actions and my fate is already decided.
  11. If I am just a dream and each of you are just a dream, and there is no, I, self, that, etc. What is the point of our search, or anything? Why do we search when there is nothing to be found? What happens when the emptiness wakes up? Do we all wink out of existence and return to the void? If this is so, is there really anything to find for us, the characters of the dream?
  12. I would be cheating by letting technology take me somewhere I am unable to go on my own. At least this is what I question, and am wondering if this is a correct assumption on my part. I have done my research, but I am left wondering if any progress I make with the assistance of this technology is real, or if it would be something that has simply manifested in my mind instead.
  13. Celestial Amusement

    Very cool. Just watched it with my son.
  14. take me ... to the volcano

    I love that movie!