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  1. Zeev Kolman

    Let me put it without any metaphysics. If you had made a decision to go to the ice cream parlor and turned a block earlier, you would have made a decision that put you away from the accident. By making the choices you did in reality, you put yourself onto the path of the accident, so that's all I'm saying is thats the way you created your self to be in the accident. Pretty simple and clear.
  2. Zeev Kolman

    Listen to Dennis's interview on, host Suzane Northrop under the date of 3/24, and you'll hear how healing really works. (I"ll give you a hint: Yes, YOU can do it from anywhere you are). Somewhow the accident got attracted to your particles, so you brought that aspect of reality to you. And if you perceive yourself as the Wholeness, then, yes you created it. It's never outside of yourself. If you choose to see yourself as just an individual, you could perceive it being just by accident.
  3. Zeev Kolman

    Looks like my original response did not post, so here goes again. Thank for your both of your insights. They point the same thing out that I was referring to, that time seems to have its own flow that does not always correspond the movements of the clock. And yes, when you are in present moment, your Wholeness/Totality can decide not to have the accident or if it decides to, then it will be the perfect act either way. Their is no greater than or less than, just different avenues of experience. If you notice when time slows down in the accident, it gives you time to set your body up to survive better. Many times we will lose consciousness and remember nothing of the accident, even when we wake up in the hospital. It's your Wholeness/Totality jumping in there to give you a hand. That's who drives the car when you are daydreaming and find yourself gone, then come back into consciousness and can't remember the last few blocks of the drive. Hard to explain that experience, but I think it's more common than we realize.
  4. Zeev Kolman

    Thanks for sharing your insight that time can be perceived differently. Time does seem to have it's own flow that does not always correspond with the movement of the clock. If you had already decided at a subconscious level to create the accident for whatever reason (self-punishment, or lack of self-worth, or to get love and attention from the injuries, or get a good Yogi knock to set you straight), then there would be nothing wrong with having the accident. It would be the perfect growth situation you attracted/created.
  5. Zeev Kolman

    I was not there, as that demonstration was done in the 1980's several years before I met him. I believe Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD was there. I have seen some other very unusual paranormal activity on a regular basis with him. His web site is working now and he will be interviewed by Suzane Northrop on March 24, 4pm Pacific Time, on Link is working now!
  6. Zeev Kolman

    Here are a few of the many simple and powerful techniques used by Dennis Adams to attain self-mastery, healing, etc. 1. Stay in Present Moment (can be done by stopping your judgments on people, places and things) 2. When saying the following affirmations, learn to say them on the inhale so all your inner space can get the message and the effect. And repeat them, repeat them repeate them. These ones have been used, and are mathematically precise so don't change them if you want to get the momentum going. "I love you God." (this enhances the divinity within) "I am the right place and this is the right time." (sometimes the universe is looking for someone like that, wouldn't you want that to be you?) "I am divine, I am prosperous, I am abundant, and I am loving." 3. Eat colored fruits to balance the emotional body (liquids and colors help that aspect - I won't say any more on this as Dennis is working on a diet book. 4. Allow the infusion of space into the body and stay calm. When sleeping, avoice curling up into the fetal position, as that will inhibit the amount of space/totality you can pull in. 5. Practice alternating hot/cold 3 times (go from sauna to cold shower 3 times, each time letting the core get hot or cold depending on which one you are doing. 6. Dennis recommends the 5 Rites for recharging the chakras to get you back to the speed they had when you were in your 20's. 7. Don't worry about the short term memory losses that are occuring. As the planet adjusts the magnetic patterns, and the sun alters it's energy, humans will be losing memory functions. The race cannot evolve to the next state of consciousness because we are holding onto the thoughtforms from the past. Have fun! Brian
  7. Zeev Kolman

    Forgot to answer the question about altering matter and time/space. In the lab study that documented Dennis' ability to alter matter, they chose a very change-resistant form of matter - salmonella bacteria. Dennis was able to alter it's growth beyond statistical significance. It was mentioned in the July 1984 PSI Research Journal but that is only a footnote from years ago. I do have a copy of it. I've also seen the diploma he was awarded for the Masters Degree in Omnicorporeal Reality, and know the faculty person who headed to project - Elizabeth Rauscher, Phd. She is a consciousness researcher and you can find her credentials on the internet. I forget the name of the university, but it was on the west coast. As far as altering time - it can be done and I've experienced it with Dennis. We all do it a little bit, mostly in our cars when we are not electromagnetically tied to Earth's timing, and you'll notice it when you leave for work late, hit all the stop lights, and then wonder how the heck you arrived earlier than you should have. Or, when time slows down during a car accident (for only the people in the car). Or, when you take medicine to speed things up or slow things down in your unit. Brian
  8. Zeev Kolman

    He's wayyyy coool. Check out the recent videos of him on google and an interview he did which is also there. From what I learned from Dennis, and corroborated through physics and the ancient wisdom, the deeper you look into atomic matter, the space increases. Nothing is solid, it is all energy in motion surrounded by lots of space. When your essence (and mind/body) can perceive everything reality as perfection, with no positive or negative emotional electromagnetic charges on anything, it allows the particles of your body to move freely through the space of another object. The particles don't get hung up on each other in a binding fashion. I believe it also has to do with the feeling of "One-ness" with the Universe that occurs when you reach certain states of self-realization -- you and the object do not exist separately. Separateness is only the illusion. The human can be the individuality and the totality and moving between the two states at will is self-realization. It's done through the action of love, as when the electrons in the body are subjected to the frequency of unconditional love, they increase in number to hold the expanding energy. When the electrons triple within the body, you become more light and less matter. Ten percent of the electrons in your body at any given time are in the non-form dimension I will call Source. When you start increasing this amount by cranking up the unconditional love, it increases the flow between you and Source, which will put more of you more into the non-form state that knows itself to be eternal. Burning desire is that which increases the velocity of the currents of space within your body, just like ramping up electricity. So, you really have to love all the hidden corners of yourself unconditionally to pull this off. They gave a computer animated visual reference of this in The Elegant Universe, but Dennis actually performed this in the labs when he walked through a wall. Dennis teaches his methods to the public and you can catch up with him at As far as Dennis moving time and space, the human body itself is the time machine, space suit. We just have to figure out the bells and whistles. Seen plenty of that, but he doesn't do tricks for show. If the Universe (which is also You), needs you to see something paranormal, it will do it, but not unless the Universe really needs it. He used to teach thousands at the Whole Life Expos and all that, but moved on to the more subtle teachings and left the paranormal seekers behind. His return to public teaching just happened and he has some projects in the works with a major hospital group to investigate the potential of a Healing Department, and he has been working on some pain reduction equipment that is just about ready, as he can't get to everyone on the planet himself. Healing work the same way - either putting energy into someone's system using unconditional love, or take energy out. Putting the hands on the person and letting them do their work throught the vortexes on the palms allows a different option to be presented and the person getting healed decides within themselves how much to accept or work with. Brian
  9. Zeev Kolman

    Dennis Adams is a unique lifestream and his specialty is healing, and teaching of the divine wisdom. He studied Theosophy in Cleveland where he grew up, became an instructor with them, became a priest in the Liberal Catholic Church (Leadbeater's branch) where he learned those mysteries, then left the priesthood to study from nature while living in the Sierra Nevada mountains for 8 years. He knew when he was young that the Universe was going to grant him one wish, and that he would receive whatever he wished for. He waited many years before he decided to use that wish, and when he used it, he wished that God would be his teacher. So, his actual lineage comes from the Source, the same as everyone. And I have seen Dennis move time and space, again and again, so I won't back down on this one. Yes, he studied with many teachers, Pir Vilayat Khan, etc., but everyone has the same lineage from the Source (God), so don't get hung up on that lineage personality bullshit. Everyone's lineage is equal from the Source. After he left the woods and came back into civilization, he noticed that the Universe was generous with the healing abilities, and Dennis began his healing career when he saved the life of Elizabeth Rauscher, Phd, and the first woman nuclear physicist in the US. Elizabeth brought him to the Stanford Research labs and he became one of the top remote viewers/psychics they had studied. I've seen the documentation of those studies and I've met Dr. Rauscher. He received a Masters Degree in Omnicorporeal Reality for his ability to consciously move between matter and dimensions consciously. His ability to alter matter, in studies done by Dr. Rauscher, was documented in the PSI Research Journal. I have know Dennis for 18 years, have seen him perform successful healings (remote and in person) on cancer, MS, pain and other serious problems. He is a Master Healer and I put him in the class of great souls and healers like Sai Baba. Anyone with questions, please feel free to contact me. Brian
  10. Intro for new member

    Hello to all the Tao Bums out there! My name is Brian and I am joining today because I saw some threads and questions about my friend and teacher Dennis Adams - and I wanted to contribute to that. My background is as follows: grew up in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Received graduate degree from the Himalayan Institute (Swami Rama et al) in Holistic Studies in Mind/Body Regulation focusing primarily on the Yogic traditions and Sanskrit philosphy from India. I live in Seattle, Washington and travel to Mt. Shasta several times per year for personal growth workshops. Brian