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  1. Coming off caffeine

    I used to drinkable few cups of coffee a day. Now I only drink one cup, first thing in the morning. I'd like to quit though, as I think it does more harm than good. I seems like I channels all of my energy into the first few hours of the day. I'd rather be more even keel. I hope this thread continues, its good motivation.
  2. Happiness and Low Salary

    Very good topic, thanks for posting. I worked long hours in a cubicle coming out of college and I was miserable. I really thought life was over as I knew it. I eventually resigned and ended up taking a job in the public sector. I like it much better, more freedom, etc. There is still stress, but its much more manageable. I know I'll never become rich, but that's ok. They say time is money, but I value time much more than money. At some point I'd like to be able to work less with less stess, maybe part time. Then I could better focus my energy on the way/path, learning, helping others and doing more creative things. I think this would be possible if I saved enough to buy a humble place to live so I wouldn't have a rent/mortgage payment.
  3. 9 to 5, Escaping the Rat Race

    I work in finance where a lot of the people only care about money, not the work they do. They're a bunch of miserable assholes.
  4. 9 to 5, Escaping the Rat Race

    I don't have a problem with working, but I can't stand being around a bunch of miserable assholes all day.
  5. Just keep learning. It's take time and there's always more to learn. And that's a good thing.
  6. Thanks for the video, I definitely needed that.
  7. Nocturnal Emission Prevention Techniques

    Thanks for the Dear Exercise info George. Definitely looks like it could help. Could you recommend a specific book from Stephen Chang where I could continue reading about this? Harmonious Emptiness, do you know where I can find a good Chinese herbalist? Dmattwads, good question. I have no lower back pain, but my upper back seems like it’s coming apart. I definitely think it’s caused by the loss of jing. Knees are fine, but I have always had one somewhat bad knee. Had night sweats last night. They’ve increased since all this started. Prior to this they were rare. Just to clarify, NE has not been normal for me. I’ve gone six months without masturbation/intercourse with no NE more on several occasions. I never had them and now all of the sudden at age 33 they hitting me like the plague. I don’t drink alcohol (sober for almost 9 years). I slip up and look at porn every few months or so. I started to reduce my meat consumption, but I think a lack of protein has lead to weakness in the back muscles so I’m increasing my consumption now. I was working out daily before all this started. Because of my back all I’m doing is one-hour walks every day. I think western science/medicine and eastern science/medicine both have something to offer. As far as ejaculation goes, I prefer the benefits of keeping it in unless I’m in a committed relationship. Then, in moderation perhaps. This feels like I’m being attacked by a succubus. I’m baffled. Dmattwads (again), you’re providing great information in general. Keep it coming my friend. Could you recommend a book where I could learn more about the kidney yin imbalance, etc.? BTW, I always used to wake up too!
  8. Nocturnal Emission Prevention Techniques

    Hi ChiDragon, I would say I have a normal level of arousal mentally. I think retaining heightens it a bit, but I've been doing that off and on for years without this problem. As far as physically, I'm able to control my digit without a problem. I would say my sexual urges have decreased since this started. I always dream about the opposite sex in my sleep when this happens. Edited to say "Hi ChiDragon"*
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm 33 years old and had maybe two or three nocturnal emissions over the course of my live. Then, around late January of this year I started to have them every two or three weeks. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I want it to stop more than anything. I normally like to retain for spiritual/mental/physical reasons and this has been very frustrating. Has anyone had a succession of nocturnal emissions happen in their 30's like this? Does anyone know any techniques for preventing this? I know the topic has been touched on here before and there was even a dedicated thread at one point. I thought I'd renew the focus since it has been such a problem for me recently and to see if there are any new perspectives/solutions. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. HELP: Upper Back Pain

    Are there any TCM remedies, or just general suggestions, to assist the healing of a muscle and/or tendon in the upper back? I think it might be the rhomboid muscle.
  11. HELP: Upper Back Pain

    Which kidney herbs do you suggest?
  12. HELP: Upper Back Pain

    I practice retention because I find I have more energy, vitality, strength and creativity when i do. Of course, this often comes with heightened anxiety, etc. However, after I ejaculate, I feel more susceptible to fear. It's hard to find the right balance. I seem to be in a consistently good mood when i retain. Its seems harder for life to get me down. I feel more spiritual as well. Sometimes I think there maybe a placebo effect though. It can be very frustrating sexually. Thanks for all the advice and information. Very helpful. Any advice on how to find a good acupuncturist? EDIT: Just to be clear, when I say I'm retaining, I'm abstaining from sex/masturbation completely; not holding it in.
  13. HELP: Upper Back Pain

    The injury came from using the machine press during a time of heightened stress and less than optimal sleep. Being short on rest, I must have strained part of my back to compensate for my diminished strength while pushing the weight. I think the added stress compounded the issue because of the related back tension. I believe the continued back tension is the reason why its taking so long to heal.
  14. HELP: Upper Back Pain

    Thanks for the links and info. The book and cane are definitely things I'm willing to try. I'll see if I can get it at the library first. I've never been to an acupuncturist. I used to smoke, but gave it up almost 5 years ago. I try to breath properly and have good posture. I've been sitting on a really cheap futon from Ikea for that last few years; no lumbar support, very awkward sitting position, etc. I think slouching on that really made things worse too. I've been going to this store called Healthy Back, trying different products. Just bought a task chair for working at home and a bedlounge that I'm using with the futon for added support. I'm still in need of a good armchair/sofa, something that will allow for good, relaxed sitting posture. I'm pretty much open to anything here. Any ideas?