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  1. One Nostril Is Always Blocked

    Thanks Sinfest. Sleeping isn't really an issue though. It's getting a clear nose before I meditate.
  2. I always seem to have one nostril blocked and one clear at any given time. It seems to switch between the two but very rarely do I have full use of both nostrils. I'm not aware of any allergies, have not ever really had hayfever and apart from this have no respiratory problems. Obviously this is not ideal for meditation. Has any one else experienced this? Is there a cure? Help!
  3. The message below was posted to prove how easily some people are fooled. This story is a hoax. You can read an explanation here: http://www.telegraph...t-a-trader.html --------- wow... mindblowing stuff do you ever think this credit crunch thing is man made? nwo and capitlaism exposed
  4. We all have issues-

    Thanks for posting this clip. I'm going to get this guys book, he makes a lot of sense.
  5. Sifu Jenny Lamb in the UK?

    Updating with a message from Jenny Greetings Everyone, Many of you have asked me if I have a plan to go to Europe to teach a seminar. I have great news for you. xxxx (edited for privacy) very kindly wants to organize a seminar for me in the UK. He has been looking into a lovely venue where participants could sleep and eat for the duration of the course. When we live together, it can bring a group closer for study and to know each other better. It is a wonderful opportunity, but the limitation is we can only have limited people to stay, so it will be first come first served. When I am in the UK, it is possible I will offer energy healing treatments, healing consultations or private training for those who may need it. These service are separate from the seminar event. Therefore, it would be best for those who need my help to contact me in advance, so I will extend my stay time and rent a place for this work. I have helped people from many parts of the world. They came to the US for my healing treatments. I am now coming to your door. Take advantage of it. I treat issues that cannot be helped by medical science, especially related with energetic entity issues, which cannot be detected by any scientific machine, but it can destroy the person's health and even life. See testimony from my website. If you are interested in the seminar please contact [email protected] for the details and to register as soon as you can to reserve your space. If you are interested in my healing services, please contact me at: [email protected] Please kindly pass information to your friends who may be interested in the event. Best wishes and hope to see you at the event, Sifu Jenny Lamb https://www.facebook...rnInternalArts/ Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛
  6. Hi there, I've been talking with Sifu Jenny Lamb about the possibility of her coming to the UK to teach a 2.5 day Yigong course. The event would likely be in the countryside and would include food and accommodation. To make it work I think we'll need a minimum of 12 participants. If you have an interest please email PM me. Please let me know if you'd be will to travel and if possible what you think a realistic price for the weekend would be. Thanks
  7. Thanks Rainbowvain, I'll do that!
  8. This may seem a bit farfetched but here we go... I'm a composer and I'm looking for a way to be able to project into - the astral plane, the future or a parallel universe - so I can hear music from other dimensions which I could then bring back to our own reality. Is anyone aware of any paths I might follow in order to do such a thing? One idea I had was to write a hypnotic script but would love to hear any other ideas or thought on the topic.
  9. Your favorite documentary.

    This is one of my favourites. I don't know what an enlightened person looks like but this is someone I take great inspiration from Among White Clouds Is really good - It follows some Buddhist mountain hermits and their quest for understanding. This is not a Zen documentary at all but ties in to the ideas of the big mind and very very inspiring.
  10. What if you're wrong? What will you do then?
  11. If you could pick 3 books to take with you...

    I just can't get mu head around 'Taoist Yoga, Alchemy and Immortality', where do you think I'm going wrong? My choice: Opening The Hand of Thought - Kosho Uchiyama The Three Pillars of Zen - Philip Kapleau The Way of Qigong - Kenneth Cohen

    I did consider these but ultimately the price of the DVDs put me off. Maybe something for the future though...

    After reading this I just tried it again and willed myself a little for my legs to tremble. I did get some really big movements but I couldn't work out whether I was doing consciously doing them or not. I could certainly will myself to stop. Wow, really interesting though.

    I just received my DVD (arrived yesterday). It's very well produced. No spontaneous movements yet but it is only the 2nd day of practice! EDIT: Jenny Lamb Yigong DVD that is...
  15. Kunlun Book

    Is it good?