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  1. White Tantra

    Can someone give me good information on the art of white tantra, and converting your sexual energy to be of use in creation and not destruction. I am finally taking it upon myself to not indulge in the desire of lust so I can work on spiritual growth. When I look up "white tantra" online however, almost all the videos are just people encouraging orgasms. That sounds like black tantra to me and I'm not interested in it. is there any sound information that I can have that practices real white tantra? Or perhaps just minor breathing exercises you can give me. Anything will help.
  2. From a particular perspective, all things are a fantastic interplay of loving energy that allows consciousness to choose between the multiplicity of possible outcomes, therefore eating meat is perfectly acceptable. Incidentally, murder, rape, and cannibalism is also acceptable.
  3. OMG! I like, totally attained Enlightemnent!

    Yeah? Well! I have no desire to tell people that I have no desire to let them know that I'm enlightened.
  4. Thoughts on UG Krishnamurti

    Heh, he definitely has a perspective that I never look at. Wonder how one can develop a mindset where they think Ramana Maharshi is being arrogant.
  5. Breathing

    Thanks for the tips. It's still very hard for me to get into the meditative state because I'm too focused on forcing my breath in and out, but I'm trying, and uh not trying. I'm doing something that seems like progress!
  6. What do you think of David Icke?

    A lot of these conspiracy theorists (David Icke, Alex Jones, David Wilcock) seem like genuine people who understand a great deal of hidden information through years of research, but on the other side there has been countless "false prophecies" they proposed or odd kinds of misdirections perhaps even straight up lies that people pick up on and begin to not trust there words. You can even begin to question if these people also have an agenda of their own. Reality seems exceedingly odd. It goes so deep, there doesn't seem to be an end to how paranoid you can get. I really don't know what to think about David Icke. Luckily, Yin-Yang go together as one and the grand conspiracy may very well turn out to be the one we were playing on ourselves.
  7. Breathing

    Is there any techniques to getting a slower breath rate during meditation? It seems like my breath is rather short. I can breath in for 5 secs, then I have to exhale for about 5 secs and immediately breath back in or I get winded. Also, I try to breath in at the stomach area but it can't hold all that much air.
  8. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    I tried this semen retention thing for about 12 days. [Edited the rest out]
  9. Qi gong muscle strengthening movements?

    Ah cool these look simple.
  10. Are there any Qi gong movements that I can do everyday that will help improve the overall quality of my muscles?
  11. Eh, plants scream less when you chop them up.
  12. I have the same feeling in my head. It tingles quite a bit, but during meditation or sleep it intensifies and starts to sting almost. I made a thread about it "Too much energy in the head" and a lot of people recommend grounding it. However, this didn't work for me and only increased the pain. You can't seem to ignore it, but you can allow it and go with the flow. In my opinion, for whatever it is worth. It might be the beginning of a kundalini awakening, or what most people are just referring to as the "awakening". The side-effects you described are similar. Tons of energy on the crown or brow Sickness shaking body parts I heard this may last for several months and in that time it may mature even more. You might start getting dizzy and feel various energy bursts of pain or pleasure. Apparently, a lot of people are going through this and some already have went through this. Most notably, the famous spiritual teacher Krishnamurti was reported to have sharp pains around his neck and head, fell ill, and was delirious/joyfully child-like blissful for a couple weeks. He called this his "spiritual awakening".
  13. Too much energy in my head

    Well, I should have figured the "problem" I had was all in my head. After several attempts to try and ground it the pain still followed me through after my deep meditations. So I gave up and just allowed the energy to be without labeling it as "bad" or "good". Sure enough, the pain ceased altogether! I couldn't believe it. Though, I still feel the energy it no longer a painful nuisance. It is as though my perception of the energy completely changed the reality of the situation. It reminds me of Zhuangzi "if one comes from the heat, then live in the heat... if one can live in the heat without feeling hot, then one can live life without hindrance" or that Zen saying of the same regard ""When cold, be thoroughly cold; when hot, be hot through and through." All your guys's advice really helped my quest out, thanks bros.
  14. Too much energy in my head

    Hello again. This energy is really starting make my crown sting. I recently have been eating no meat just to see how it would change me. Is it possible that I need to eat more meat to ground this energy? I am not sure if it matters or not.
  15. When is Freedom/Free Will a good thing?

    I am not sure if we have free will. I guess, I would inquire into this. It seems like a construct of ego and language that we can "do" anything at all. Though, I'd say we have the free will to understand who we are. Which, is saying a lot.