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  1. Deer Exercises For Men

    Thank you JD. Any take on how many contractions to do for stage 2 ? Are they best done with an erection ?
  2. Deer Exercises For Men

    From, The Tao of Sexology by Stephen Chang. It states stage one, which is rubbing of the hands to create energy then cupping the testicles and opposite hand under navel doing circular motions 81 times, switching hands and doing another 81 times. Stage 2 states to do the contractions until uncomfortable. So, i'm curious if the ebst method is for these to be done at the same time ? States to do right in morning and right before bed. Thank you.
  3. Deer Exercises For Men

    Hello all, When doing the deer exercise for men, do I do stage 2 at the same time as stage 1 ? Am I tightening my sphincter muscles while I am doing the 81 motions ? Or am I finishing the motions and then tightening my sphincter muscles as a seperate exercise ? If so, for how many times do I do the tightening ?