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  1. Kundalini Yoga

    yup thats how i have done it. both nostrils closed during the mental chants. its said this kriya to is clear up subconscious fears
  2. Kundalini Yoga

    yea two and half hours of that is insane. i try and do at somewhere around 5 minutes. perhaps ill set an intention to do a 40 day set with 5 minutes each day slowly building it. did you mentally chant the mantra? im not sold completely on the specs on that but i still do it anyway.. yogi bhajan, ya it seems most of those highly acclaimed people tend to have something that counters them. whatever doesnt really bother me since we are our own teachers. anyways what comes of out his mouth at the end of the day is most applicable.
  3. Free will Bashar, a man who ''channels''... who really knows if we have free will or not. we only have THOUGHTS about the concept itself. "free will" is just a mental projection. perhaps we do and we dont. its the dualistic frame embedded in the nondualistic frame. with that said imho, i feel the singularity streams through us all. were just along for the ride.. my 2 cents
  4. Kundalini Yoga

    ive been practicing Kundalini for about a year and half now coupled with my Hatha practice as well. it does share and differ in contrast with traditional Hatha yoga with more pranayama focus in my experiences, even through pranayam is central to hatha as well. kundalini for me, is powerful if you make it. im not too familiar with the all the mantras (im no sikh) and what not and not too familiar with yogi bhajan, however i have seen some youtube satsangs of him and was unaware of the criticism depicted towards him. that said, its an amazing practice to incorporate. check out this kriya, it is pretty intense.. sodarshan chakra kriya let me know what you think
  5. Bonjour Earthlings

    I was given the name William and lead myself here thanks to the global electronic mind of internet. Lets see Im 22 at university finishing my last yr, balancing spiritual practices with the so called 'higher education system' as well studying sociology. well well, pretty new to the taoist field, have practiced some tai chi but have an interest in the microcosmic orbit and wanna know steps leading to that. aside from that kundalini and hatha yoga is to me Sat Nam