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  1. Hi!

    welcome I believe once you post here you can post everywhere else! so you should try again
  2. thanks for putting this up! sometimes when things start to go differently or I stop achieving the same effects from meditative practices I feel like I should just go back to an "average" person lifestyle... it would sure make so many things easier... but sticking to it is the key! Ill remember this a week from now when I'm feeling awesome again and I'll be glad I didn't just "take a break" for a while
  3. Hello Bums

    Thank you!
  4. Hello Bums

    Thanks for sharing that, I had not seen him before. He is very fast, although those falls he is taking seem unhealthy to me... I have always been taught to dissipate the impact with a roll or my hands, but he is taking some serious falls and squatting! besides that, I look forward to meeting otis!
  5. Hello Bums

    Thanks I have been working on keeping my body as relaxed as possible, not fighting myself to do things, just letting them happen. I've also been doing some rock climbing in the same mindset as the taichi form, and my muscles (or chi?) are much stronger this way and I am much less tired afterwards. and lastly I've been just trying to stay in a very meditative state when I go train, not letting my mind wonder or think too much, just be focused and move my body freely.
  6. Hello Bums

    I am relatively new to daoist practice and energy cultivation, so I decided to join this forum to see what I can learn! I am currently learning about and practicing some chi gong, some taichi, and some circulations/meditations. Any advice or helpful comments would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to being a part of this community! and if you were wondering about my user name, a traceur is a practitioner of parkour, which I have been doing for a long time, and recently I have been trying to apply all my daoist knowledge to it!