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  1. Tai Chi and cultivation

    Thanks, although watching the exchange is interesting, also. One of the things that prompted my post about this was seeing references here that to teach Tai Chi without teaching breathing isn't valuable. The school I'm studying in specifically avoids teaching breathing. I've only studied one form so far, which appears to be a hybrid of Yang style Tai Chi and Lo Kup taught exclusively by the organization I've joined. They are a very widespread, decades-old organization, with thousands of members, but their focus seems on the health benefits of Tai Chi, rather than the cultivation link.
  2. Tai Chi and cultivation

    I've been involved in a Tai Chi school for several years and have enjoyed learning their version of the art. Even so, I admittedly started studying Tai Chi due to an interest in internal alchemy and because I thought it would complement my practice. During my time studying Tai Chi, I've noticed several of my teachers speak of internal alchemy, use the appropriate terminology, and ask me if I "felt" certain things, etc. They've also hinted that their own internal alchemy was working simply due to the Tai Chi they were practicing. Of course, the unspoken implication is that they have studied Tai Chi for so many years that they've transcended the form, but I'm frankly a bit skeptical. Does anyone have any personal experiences related to Tai Chi and internal alchemy and the one leading to the other? I can easily see how they would complement each other, but can Tai Chi actually in and of itself lead to the same results you'd get from the various Chi Gong practices, or other cultivating or meditating practices? Is Tai Chi "all that"?
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    Hello. I look forward to becoming familiar with the site and perhaps posting some thoughts. Thanks.