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  1. Hello I have a question about Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the famous Advaita teacher. Is it actually true that he didn't believe in reincarnation? I tried finding some infos on the internet but it's all so vague, they say that he didn't believe in reincarnation but was he just talking of the absolute plane and not about the relative plane? Thank you Edit: oops sorry I should have posted this in the Vedanta forum, but this section seems busier
  2. thanks Chidragon, you're always very helpful
  3. Thanks for all your answers, I appreciate it. I didn't get it still but I'm learning ! So immortality = ONeness with Tao? Hm sorry my English is not so good, I've read all the posts, but maybe I just didn't get it yet, I'm slow lol ^^
  4. .. why is it so important if eventually you merge with the Tao anyway? Hello all! I can't really find an answer on the net, I hope somebody could help me clear this up for me. Thank You very much, guys !
  5. Question about the Tao (goal)

    Thank you ChiDragon
  6. Question about the Tao (goal)

    thank you all for your answers , is Tao similar to Hindu Brahman? Am I the Tao? Is Tao Consciousness, so many more questions
  7. Hi, is the goal of Taoism to be ONE with Tao? Will I be reincarnated if I'm one with Tao, is Taoism a constant cycle of birth and death, or is there an end to it? What really happens when I die? I've tried to find answers to these questions on the net, but there's no One answer it seems, which leaves me a bit unsatisfied(I still have to get a copy of the Tao te ching), what do you believe? So many questions hope you can help a novice Taoist aspirant lol. thank you
  8. wow, that sounds a bit complicated to me ^^, will have to think this throug a few times, but thanks to both (all three) of you for your replies
  9. Hi, sorry, this is my last question for a while, I promise . Hope you can help. As I understand a goal of Taoism would be to be unified with the Tao or to become One with the Tao. Now my question is, is this state permanent or would "I" be manifested again after some time? Is enlightenment a permanent state in Taoism? or is it , as I read somewhere, an endless cycle of decay and renewal? Sorry if I'm using wrong terminology Thank you
  10. thanks for all your replies guys , I like that spanda definition, could one say it is the nature of the Tao to be creative? or would that be wrong?
  11. thank you anamatva for your answer. I appreciate it. It's more clear to me now .
  12. Um, according to this site from the FAQ of this forum it did. Cosmology
  13. Hello, I'm relatively new to Taoism, already have so many questions, sorry if this may sound stupid. Could somebody tell me why creation happened according to Taoism. In Hinduism for example creation is said to be due to Lila. Why did Dao create the One, the One created the two and so on.. Thank you very much
  14. Hello everybody :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, I'm 28 years old and I've been interested in Taoism for the past couple of months. Originally my interest was in Advaita Vedanta which I used to practice as well but recently I had doubts about this philosophy because there are some logical flaws which brought me to believe this is not the right thing. Sorry for my bad English by the way, I'm from Austria . Anyways, this seems a cool place to discuss Taoism and I would gladly like to learn more from you people. I've been lurking this place for some time now ^^ btw. Thank you. and cu =)