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  1. Here is Bruce Frantzis talking about the 7 principles that are to be developed within Tai Chi Pushing Hands.
  2. BaGuaZhang as Taught by Bruce Frantzis

    Yeah that freestyle bagua looks amazing!
  3. BaGuaZhang as Taught by Bruce Frantzis

    I dont know why that last post is there three times! Is there a way I can delete two of them?
  4. BaGuaZhang as Taught by Bruce Frantzis

    Berkley is where Bruce Frantzis filmed his Bagua Mastery Program right?
  5. I found this video of one of Bruce Frantzis’ top instructors teaching BaGua. This guy seems to be pretty good. His name is Paul Cavel has anybody here heard of him?
  6. different teachingsTaiji

    I found a video clip on Youtube with Paul Cavel talking about bagua and moving the fluids of the body.
  7. Change your DNA with just 20 minutes of regular exercise.

    Is it really possible to change ones DNA with exercise?
  8. The Dragon and Tiger Qigong Online Course looks interesting! I have the book and DVD. I have noticed that Bruce Frantzis will also be teaching an Instructor training this year in Hawaii.
  9. Opening the Energy Gates

  10. hello

    Hello Tao Bums. I look forward to engaging in the discussions.