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  1. Methods on RVing

    Are there any members here interested in remote viewing? I'm looking to put together something. If so PM me we can talk. No money or anything this is not a sales pitch. I'm looking for people who are interested in developing this and astral projection.
  2. Methods on RVing

    Well I appreciate the laughs thanks anyways guys. If anyone really wants to go back remote viewing, I'm all ears.
  3. Methods on RVing

    LOL, I guess i should of been more specific. Remote Viewing is what I meant. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_viewing
  4. Methods on RVing

    I'm curious to hear the best method for RVing and whether or not anyone here attempts this.
  5. Howdy Yall

    Looks like I better get started. Thank you
  6. Howdy Yall

    Excited to be back! Hope everyone is having a splendid day.
  7. Hello

    Hey guys.
  8. Yin chi number 3

    Yes if there are any members of Mopai on here will you PM me. Thankyou
  9. Hello Everyone!

    Its great to be here! TEHEHE
  10. A call for a revolution

    Well I can't say i know enough about philosophy to carry in informed argument. As you can tell I like to win. Though I can't get better until I practice. You wern't pushing my buttons Brian. I just like to argue with people, and when people mess up like mis quote me, or w.e I will capitalize on that error and strike viciously. If you caught me doing that I'm sure you would of said the same things I said to you.
  11. A call for a revolution

    I was never upset. I just like a strong argument.
  12. A call for a revolution

    I'll still be your friend though Brian.
  13. A call for a revolution

    Ignoring. I don't care to argue with you. You make up arguments, and misquote people, in the academic world that is a big no no. You spent 20to 30 minutes writing about sports and small business owners. I have no time for you.
  14. A call for a revolution

    Incase anyone is wondering the red inside the quotes are also from me.
  15. A call for a revolution

    If it said you were viewing this thread, than after my remark you were not longer viewing this forum doesn't that mean you were here and left, and not just letting your mobile device stay on the page? Than I defended him. I showed you evidence of him donating a significant amount of money to a family who had suffered a tragedy. Than explained that he has worked for many years to get to his position and also to diffuse your privileged hypocrite accusation. You say he is a hypocrite, can you explain your reasoning for this? He has money and he power, he is using it to voice for change, to bring money back to the needy and the poor. I don't understand how you are so confused. Offers no solution? I than finish my argument with this quote "You must not have watched the video, he states he isn't trying to come up with a Utopian government in a hotel room during an interview. He is using his power, fame, and his time to point out there are people who are more qualified than him and "more importantly" more qualified than the people currently running the world." You claimed Russell hit him with his vehicle. Russell struck his cart full of recyclables which he than helped the man gather afterwards. If Russell would of struck this man with his SUV, I'm quite sure they wouldn't of been picking up trash, it was only after this homeless man learned who Russell was that he decided to claim he had injuries. This is getting pathetic Brian. Bravo this is what I was hoping for, a discussion and not personal attacks. "so that people start taking care of themselves & each other again rather than expecting some anonymous government to do it for them." You say you want people to help each other instead of the government. So wouldn't these aristocrats with all the money be able to help us? Or do they get to keep the money to themselves? I see you have no problem with poor people helping out poor people but when we talk about the rich helping poor people, that's where you draw the line? And you called Brand a hypocrite. Thank you for the history lesson, You fully understood my use of the word, so don't play stupid. I love your use of big words, but anyone can use a dictionary when they have google to help. Please refrain from trying so hard to appear smart. If you provide a thoughtful and intelligent argument free from personal attacks, and fabricated stories you will appear to be intelligent. You're doing better, but if this is your best work. An argument littered with false quotations, blunt lies, personal attacks mixed in with a few big words you looked up, and seasoned with ignorance. I will no longer respond to your comments and I suggest everyone else does the same. Are you sure you want to continue to "discuss" with me? I'm not even trying, you are making yourself look like a fool. - personal attack.