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  1. Practicing QiGong in the Rain?

    I'm not sure if it's the energy of a thunderstorm that's regarded as chaotic, or if the situation is too chaotic for many practitioners to concentrate in. Too distracting and all that. I've always avoided doing it in any case.
  2. Practicing QiGong in the Rain?

    Chunyi Lin advises against washing your hands or face too soon after practice for the same reason. That's from the Level 1 manual I believe. Zhang, I believe the Baolin Wu book also mentions not practicing outside during a period of atmospheric shift or strong winds. Rain would be an effect of an atmospheric shift. (However, I personally don't buy into the idea of not practicing during at atmospheric shift, since it is almost always shifting in some way. Nothing is every truly static. And where do you draw the line?) With that said, I still don't think it's a good thing to practice in strong wind or in rain or in thunderstorms. Wind and rain are draining, and thunderstorms are too chaotic.
  3. Awesome job Sean! I can't thank you enough. Thanks to you and to Bruce for putting this together
  4. Chunyi Lin's Master

    My link Is this the Master Zhang that Chunyi Lin of SFQ learned from in Xichuan?
  5. What would YOU ask Bruce Frantzis?

    My question is, "How do your Qigong techniques fit within the scope of Taoist Internal Alchemical processes?" Not sure if someone has already posted something to that degree or not, but just in case here it is. Also, I would love to hear more information on the lineage of the Water Method before Liu Hung Chieh. Where did he learn it from, etc. Thanks for doing this Sean. This was a great idea. Long Yun
  6. What would YOU ask Bruce Frantzis?

    Hey what happened with this interview? It's been a couple of months and I just wanted to check in on the progress.
  7. For those who've gone to one of Jenny Lamb's seminars or used her DVD, I was just wondering if there is a 100 days celibacy period like what I've heard of Kunlun. Is this part of the Spontaneous Adjustment (Yigong) system?
  8. Please change my display name

    Thanks Mal! You're the man.
  9. Please change my display name

    Mal, would you be so kind as to change mine as well? I made it long ago when I was reading a lot of Eva Wong books. She always talked about the Wu-Liu sect, but since I don't belong to that sect, I no longer feel like it is appropriate. Please change it to Long Yun. Thanks for your help.
  10. Spring Forest/Alchemy Correllation

    No, not really. From what I've seen, Spring Forest involves harmonizing Yin and Yang, and balancing the body. I think it's different from what I've heard about Mo Pai.
  11. Taming the Mind

    Thanks? I'm just trying to figure this stuff out so that I can start practicing the right methods. There are side paths you know... I'm doing the best with what I've got, and I thought that asking a community of cultivators might help. I'm not pretending anything, and I don't think results will just pop out of nowhere. I guess I chose the wrong words when I started this thread, since it has obviously sent the wrong message. Maybe you are trying to help, but your "harsh tone" just doesn't seem necessary to me. I'm not claiming that I've achieved anything, and I haven't "seen the buddha." I'm just looking for a little clarification.
  12. Taming the Mind

    This vapor is the Qi after the gathering and transformation of Jing into preheavenly Qi? Am I interpreting this correctly? Essentially, Alchemy is refining the mind and cultivating the vapor? This meditation is thus the preliminary work for Alchemy? But would that mean that there's a sort of deadline on when to move on to the next stage?
  13. Taming the Mind

    What about this? I really like this: (Bold is areas I don't feel I understand) [1] The method of observing stillness? Just stillness meditation or something specific? [2] I have no clue what any of this means [3] Coming and going of thought? Square (Earth) within the Circle (Heaven)? Huh??? I don't get the next sentence either. [4] Internal light being attention? Focusing on the breathing? I think that this method is shifting attention down into the Lower Dantian, while at the same time listening to the "soundlessness of breath." You breathe quiet enough that you can hear it into the LDT? Am I reading this correctly? Haha! This is almost the same meditation I was doing with Spring Forest Qigong. Mjjbecker has been right all along...
  14. Taming the Mind

    Wonderful explanation Ya Mu. I understand what you're saying and I can't believe I was totally overlooking this
  15. Taming the Mind