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  1. Tan tien being pulled

    Hi Jeff, Thank you for your response. I cannot say I felt as if i was being in a bubble, but I was definitely made to want to be there, I did not want to leave her. It was strange becaseu I did not enjoy cahtting any more and wanted to go, it is as if I was hypnotised. Also what about the dantien/or was it sacral chakra being externalised, pulled out. I do not understand what you mean by attraction, i am straight and even if i was not i would definitely not be attracted to this lady. Is it the base vibration attraction? many thanks, Maya
  2. Tan tien being pulled

    Thanks My2Cents, I have never thought of that, but for some reason feels right, so you probably are right. It just kind of falls into place especially when I think how she tried to take over my group.I did not know that was possible, or that people would do that deliberatly. My God that is so unethical. Perhaps I need to Reiki or heal this naivety in me, it steals the awareness from me. Thanks again, Maya
  3. Tan tien being pulled

    Dear All, Thank you all very much for your replies.I really appreciate this, as I was really spooked by this. I am not sure how forums work but I will reply to all in this one message. I did have a sandwich in the morning, and the incident happened about four hours later, I do not remember if I ate anything afterwards. I had a massive late too while I was with her which may have affected me. I am a female and the other person was a female too. She has no kids and we are both straight (I think she is, not sure). I did pick up my daughter from school and she was fine. I know that people who talk incessantly affect our energy badly. I am aware that they take a lot of your energy etc., it is theire way of recharging and living, and when they are very deficient in energy it can devostate a person's energy field. I run this distant group healing on line, not many of us, about 50, but not all are active, and this lady is the most active member who came to London on a break so, of course I agreed to meet her for a coffee.She is a good healer and I really appreciate having her in the group, but we did have a disagreement some time ago when she opened Face Book account in her name and started inviting people from the group to join it. I think she did not mean anything bad, she just wants to be an admin for the group. I do not know if this has anything to do with it. She seems very nice. I do feel that the energetic pull had to do with her and not with my daughter. I am 44 yrs old, and I had a rebirthing session last summer. The experience I went through with this lady made me feel as if I was rebirthing. I do not know if anybody had any experience of rebirthing but the more healing I do on myself the more I spontaneously rebirth in the course of the normal day. It is still that powerful pull on my tantien, like my energy was pulled out of my root and from below my feet, that concerns me. Can someone else pull your tantien like that. I know you can pull peoples' chakras out when openig them up and cleaning them,I do it in healing, but this was frightening to be honest. i got very sick after that and have been unwell for days now. Just a bad cold, but I had that feeling of going to faint again yesterday,but without the pull. Also it was not that strong. Again, thank you so much for helping. Best wishes to all, Maya
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could help me? I was talking to a lady for awhile and when I told her i had to go to pick up my daughter from school I felt a very strong pull on my tan tien. It felt to me as if it was being pulled out of my belly. I instantly felt rooted to the chair and did not want tpo leave. I started feeling very strongly taht I wanted to stay with her even though I knew I did not want ot stay and wanted to go. It was so odd,I knew something wierd was happening but did not know what. Like I was mesmerised and even loved being there with her, even though a have been feeling like leeaving for a good half hour before that. I knew i had to make myself go, as she was talking withotu stopping. I made myself get up, took a lot of effort to do it. when I got onteh bus, I felt very sick, I felt like vomiting and I could not feel the lower part of my body from the waist down. I felt that I was so heavily ungrounded, like my energy was dislodged form the lower body, felt pins and needles in my feet, arms, felt a bit dizzy. I was scared of fainting or having a fit, but did not faint, went home and had a warm shower that restored me a bit. I just want to know what that was. I do not know enough and I have not practiced enough to understand this, but it certainly did not feel normal.Would appreciate any light that can be shed on this. many thanks, Maya
  5. hello

    Hi all, I have just joined after accidentally coming across your site. I was searching for some answers which I could not find elsewhere so I hope I will here. Maya