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  1. this is my first post

    Eh... i blew it trying to do a blocking tehnique from one of Mantak Chia's books. Ejaculated.It's done. Thanks for your help guys
  2. this is my first post

    i've stopped eating junk food allmost 1 year ago when i noticed the hairloss.Hereditary it cannot be because my grandfather from my mom died at around 75 years old and he still had his hair intact as i remember...he allways used to have it short but he had no bald spots nothing.And my other grandfather died because of lung-cancer...but had only a bit of a old man's baldness start(at 55 or something).So hereditary it cannot be. My food is healthy...and my bloodtest results from 6 months ago(wich i made just to find a reason for my hairloss) were all cool besides calcium...wich was just a little bit lower.but i fixed it taking some pills. And i have read in a book about tao somewhere that it is not good for your body to waste semen. Yes i do this abstinence because i chose to....i guess it's moral. "Perhaps you intend to harness the saved energy for work on yourself."-is there any way to do that?if there is please explain it to me. "Or is it simply a case of believing that it is the right thing to do and you are harbouring a sense of shame connected with ejaculation."-This is true too.
  3. this is my first post

    i've been practicing sexual abstinence for a while now...1 year and a half or something like i do not know any way to use my energy wich i see on most of these topics refered to as "jing". But my main problem is the fact that an acne evolving on my face and back.It started like half of year ago...and it wont stop.a friend told me that my abstinence might have lead to a hormonal disregulation(i've been experiencing some hairloss too)...and i am wondering what to do? i've been having wet dreams every week allmost...once i even had 2 in the same morning... I've read somewhere that wet dreams are 1000 worse than normal ejaculation. So what should i do?i have no clue if i should stop my abstinence or keep it going and find a way to use the energy that it should be giving me. PS:i am allmost 18 years old. Thank you.