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  1. PDF Printing NeichingTu

    I tried to use the PDF Tool Kit. After a few hours trying I still couldn't get it to work. If anyone has a unsecured PDF of the NeichingTu file I would like one. Unnamable
  2. PDF Printing NeichingTu

    Not the Tao.
  3. PDF Printing NeichingTu

    I am studying the NeichingTu diagram and your PDF file on the NeichingTu is very good. After reading through Komjathy, Dr Yang Jwing Ming's books and Mantak Chia's discriptions. I have put together a selection of photocopied interpretations. I am writing to ask if you could remove the PDF security settings on this file so I can print it out and copy the text for research purposes. Unnamable