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  1. Hello and some questions...

    Thank you all for responding! I very much appreciate it! Anamatva, I would have posted this in the general forum, but I read where I had to post here first and got in a hurry. My bad. I should have posted here first and then posted my questions in the general forum as you suggested. Again, thanks to everyone who answered!
  2. Hello and some questions...

    Hello to everyone! I am new here, though I have been reading around the site for a while. I must admit that I am somewhat confused and even frustrated (hence the reason I chose recovering-idiot for my screen name). I am a 46 yr old male, married with 3 great kids. I come from a Buddhist/Christian background (may sound odd, I know), and have found that neither suited my needs, so to speak, or perhaps a better way to put it would be that I didn't feel I believed in them really. Some ideas seemed to make sense while others seemed to be utter nonsense (no offense at all meant to anyone) and dogmatic. So I suppose my first question would be something along the lines of, "Are there any 'sins' in Taoism". For example, the Christianity I was exposed to viewed cursing (even once) as enough to send one to hell. The same for sexual desire (lust and go to hell). This is something that I was referring to when I mentioned nonsense above because all humans become angry and say things in anger, as do all humans have a desire for sex now and then (well, most humans anyway). Second question would be something like how do I learn about how to follow Taoism if it cannot be described? Thank you very much for your time and I sincerely apologize if my frustration has shown itself in my writing.