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  1. Yes yes, I know I know. So please, since it's illusory, go do what I've said, go out on the highway and get yourself an accident. The world would do better without you.
  2. "Chair is illusory, not the label. Well the label is also illusory but besides the point." Yeah this is utterly stupid and retarded to say, for someone who is best at copying-pasting large chunks of quotes here and there from various masters and people and talks as if he knows everything about buddhism. Since chair is illusory and car is illusory, try going out onto the highway and wait there and see what happens.
  3. It's like telling an educationally sub-normal child not to do it, but he keeps repeating it again and again. Hilarious!
  4. Really, you should heed Lucky7Strikes' advice and take a look at yourself and your own writings. Now you say you 'no longer have feelings'. You're getting more and more ridiculous. You can ignore or even report my nonsensical posts, it's fine by me. But please continue to have your discussion as per your original intent of starting this thread. Don't say 'I'm out', that's a cop-out.
  5. Okay. You must be referring to my comment quote: "Ditto ditto. But please believe the 3 year-old child, for the child believes he is right." In my opinion, I was merely seconding Gerard's comment. But you see it as trolling. Did I hurt your feelings? Sorry If it makes you feel better to have my presence wiped out from this forum, please do so. I don't feel threatened at all.
  6. I had to repeat because you didn't get my mocking remark at all. Hence you told me to have 'faith', 'sincerity' etc, to which I said you had no basis, because all my posts were fictitious. Sorry for repeating for the 3rd time now. But I enjoy doing it as long as you keep harping on the matter. "Gerard's clone"? Haha. I'm very sure you have what it takes to have more people than just Gerard or Lucky7strikes or myself criticizing you. You can put your mind at rest on this matter too.
  7. All of my posts were fictitious, aimed at you, right from the 1st post I made in this thread. In other words, they are not real, they say nothing about me at all. I've already explained that in my last post. So, don't worry You don't have to tell me to be 'sincere', 'honest', have 'faith' etc. Because I don't need to be told that. Why? I've been following you all over forums for years. I've seen more than enough of your communication over the years and frankly, they're just disgusting. You can reply to me a million more posts and they'd would do nothing but numb me.
  8. Ditto ditto. But please believe the 3 year-old child, for the child believes he is right.
  9. In my past 2 posts, I was actually referring to you. Sorry for being blunt xabir going into 'teaching' mode again and getting on his horse. Watch out!
  10. It bothers me when you mentioned 'genuine compassion'. Lately, I have people telling me where I've gone wrong, but somehow.....their words just don't seem to sink in with me and I keep rejecting them and instead, I doggedly defend my position. I don't know why, maybe it's something within me that won't budge or give in.. *sigh* ...I wonder how would I be able to achieve a lofty goal like saving the world when I can't even accept genuine, compassionate help from others.
  11. If I were enlightened, publishing a book would be great... 1) for my widespread supremacy in the world, 2) for me to stamp my authority, get on my high horse and telling/advising/instructing everyone who has doubts/questions on spirituality; in so doing, people will look up to me and respect me because I am enlightened (furthermore, my credentials are supported by other spiritual teachers) 3) and erm.....who knows, maybe 1 day I may get the chance to be on Oprah's show and get the much-needed publicity and maybe write a few more books and...maybe I'd get rich and famous!
  12. Hi everyone

    hello and welcome
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    Hello, I'm brand new here too.