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  1. is remarkable.

  2. What are you listening to?

    Seasick Steve at the moment, probably moving towards Simple as Suicide or Paganini.. who knows?
  3. Hi and Howdy Doody

    I'm a union man and you can call me Rudy.. Just kidding. I'm an old one-legged, "severely brain damaged" (but still highly intelligent) biker with a lifelong interest in egoteneoism (I'm right and you're wrongism) as it applies to philosophy and religion. I recently stumbled on to Manly P. Hall and my pursuit of further info led me to the Tao Bums. So there ya go... Oh, I live in Richmond UT, surrounded by "good" Mormons, run the local liquor store (one of Satan's workers, I am), built my first chopper at age 15, led a life of adventure which has led to the one-legged, "severely brain damaged" condition I enjoy today.. Musician.. author.. 'n so on, 'n so forth.