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  1. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Peace and Love indeed. Especially when it's hard.
  2. The OFFICIAL Shifu Lin aka Micah aka Hern Hung.

    Probably because I'm the only other "Lin" student with a boring tech job, who even knows what Taobums is Anyone who cares to verify, PM me and I'll give you my number. Growant (Gary T) can also vouch that I'm not Micah, as we've talked several times and mailed each other stuff to/from my home address.
  3. The OFFICIAL Shifu Lin aka Micah aka Hern Hung.

    I will check it out, thanks.
  4. The OFFICIAL Shifu Lin aka Micah aka Hern Hung.

    I can state with 100% certainty that Micah is not "Sifu Lin". I've trained in meditation under this mans guidance for years now, and have also known Micah for over a decade. Simply put, there is a lot more to the story than what has been put out there for people to gossip about, and even more still that will only come to light years from now. The reality is, many people (myself included) were already doing this training without "Lin". We were doing it knowing little to nothing of politics in Indonesia, or of revered ancestors. We were doing it as a matter of karma, out of love, and because we were guided to it. In hindsight, I believe it's only because of this and the inherent danger of training, that "Lin" ever helped us at all. I'm eternally grateful for the teaching, despite the hostile circumstances, and I find this exchange to be quite distasteful, given that not a single person involved even knows who this man is, or likely ever will now that you've reinforced the anti-western stereotypes that the ancestors warned about. Personally, I can say it is because of him that I'm a good part of the way through 2a, and growing stronger, deeper, and healthier each day as a result. Say what you will about marketing, Micah, and unauthorized teaching, but understand with regard to Sifu, that it could be that you don't even know what you don't know. It's your karma. Shifu continues to train, I continue to train, and time will tell who is truthful.
  5. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Memorizing Kostas' books does not qualify anyone to pass judgment on this matter. While they are a fun and interesting read, they are 1/3 fiction, and quoting them does not lend any credibility. The truth is that there is no such blanket prohibition in the Mo P'ai. The fact that Pak John was not permitted to charge for teaching or healing is a separate matter entirely. Perhaps it is the same for his successor - I honestly don't know. However, a great many of John's students have taught others and charged an honorarium, with his knowledge. Why these semantics are of so much concern to so many people with NO connection to the lineage is really bizarre. For the record, Shifu Lin hasn't charged me a dime for nei kung instruction. I was already his student and had proven my sincerity to him. He is no David Verdessi, and is not in it to make money. Likewise, I also would prefer to never charge a dime, but I have the utmost respect for those who see the need to. If this forum charged $20 per post, I assume many Taobums would make better use of their time here, and would likely bring forth a much more respectful attitude. The value of the content here would probably increase dramatically. At the very least, the slander would decrease, and more Bums might go straight to the source and stop hiding behind Internet anonymity if what they truly wanted was truth. But alas, since you do not have to pay for the privilege to waste others' time, you are more than happy to do it. This is why like every other reputable teacher out there, Shifu Lin initially charges a small amount for his. Period. Paragraph. The end.
  6. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Micah is a really good dude who truly lives what he talks. He's in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and I'm a few hours away in western Pennsylvania. We meet up to train regularly with other folks from the area and around the country, and will be doing so some time in December. Like I said, anyone with a good attitude is welcome. Provided that you have $10,000 and know the super-secret Mo P'ai handshake
  7. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    I would submit that Shifu is in fact not secretive, beyond what is necessary for privacy. He has MANY students all over the place, and by all accounts is a very friendly and forthcoming guy. The problem here is not secrecy, but rather, a rampant sense of entitlement. I empathize with our brothers in Indo who have been dealing with this for years. Teachers like Lin, John, or Shifu Y* simply do not owe it to anyone to prove their credentials, or to draw the Yugio generation a map to their doorstep. That's on you and your own karma, if you truly wish to know. On this side of the pond, we dedicate ourselves to this training for a reason. It is to benefit all beings, beyond number. This is serious work, that at this point in time does not include babysitting Internet forums where people hope to attain the Dao through osmosis. The door is very much open to those who have a strong commitment to striving hard for the benefit of all beings. If that is not your M.O., then Shifu Lin is not the teacher you are looking for anyway. -jd
  8. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Interestingly enough, what you bring up has never been a qualification for teaching in this lineage. Case in point - the current headmaster of Mo P'ai is not beyond "level 4", but is extremely advanced and is actively teaching the system. Pak John also inherited the lineage before he completed this level. Just some food for thought. As for where Shfu Lin is at, that is his business, and not for me to speak about. I will tell you however that many of his students have reached "2a" and beyond. One has in fact succeeded in fusing yin and yang to a limited extent, and a few others are getting there, if that is any indicator of what he is qualified to teach.
  9. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Yes, and I've been a student under him since early 2006. Shifu Lin is not located in Ohio however, and nobody is going to post his real location on a public forum. He's an older gentleman who values his privacy. Naziri is indeed Hern Heng (disciple name from one of his kung fu lineages). As far as I know, he and Shifu Lin have collaborated on a few books, among other things. Shifu doesn't have the time or the language skills necessary to publish books in English, but wishes to counteract the scam artists, bullshit artists, and forum trash talking by making some real information available in a respectable manner. If you aren't feeling it, cool. If you are, come hang out and train with us sometime. It will be much more fun and productive than this endless interweb drama
  10. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Naziri has been training with Shifu Lin in person for almost as long as I've known him, which is a very long time. I will vouch for both of them - they are as real as it gets. How do I know they are the real deal? I'm also a long time student, and the results of the training under close guidance of such a teacher are undeniable. As for the instructions for "1 and 2a" floating around out there.. You get what you pay for. It's important to understand that this type of practice cannot be conveyed in a few pages of basic instructions. The practice evolves as you progress, and it is ESSENTIAL to have a teacher to check in with if you want to attain the expected result. Not to mention, anything beyond "level 1" is potentially dangerous if you aren't ready, and double damn sure of what you're doing. A few folks have been gracious enough to extend a helping hand to anyone sincere and committed enough to train hard. I respect a healthy dose of skepticism, but anyone who's serious enough to put in the work would do well to at least touch base with them. -jd
  11. Iron Crotch and The Little Nine Heavens

    McNeil is the guy you want to learn Xi Sui from. Having practiced a few methods and spoken to many practitioners from different lines, i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that L9H Xi Sui as he teaches it is the most complete and safest instruction you're ever going to find offered publicly. Not to mention, he will give you instruction/support for life, which is very important as you get up higher in weight. The rest of the L9H stuff is pretty amazing too. Highly recommend this lineage and McNeil as a teacher.
  12. My Dantien is < 2% full

    well said..
  13. That's good stuff. i'm a big fan of the whole Sun Warrior line (http://www.sunwarrior.com/). As for herbs, what effect are you looking for? -jd
  14. Advance Energy Techniques

    The "tongue thing" is actually a good addition to stance training and zhan zhuang, and has a very specific purpose that will become obvious in time. Don't stop doing it. Like others have said, learn to use Bai Hui to suspend from, and cultivate the skill to hold it in a relaxed manner higher up before worrying about low 90 degree Ma Bu. Gradually practice relaxing into a lower stance and really melting into the earth, "sitting on your legs" so to speak. The mental game can be tougher than the physical challenges, but keep on keeping on. It pays huge dividends if you can learn to relax into it. -jd