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  1. Greetings all, I started a spiritual video log recently and though I might pique the interest of you guys. Please check it out if you have the time. Thank you and have a good day.
  2. In regards to the overall theme and direction of this topic. Just know that what you are doing to others, you are doing to yourself. Enough said.
  3. Favorite Foods

    PIstachios man. as well as brazil nuts. delectable.
  4. i believe the shift is taking place right now. it started on 2012 and will end on 2020. once 2020 hits, thats when were really really going to start seeing shit go down..
  5. Turning vegetarian - need advice

    You have to completely trust your intuition and how you feel when you are going to eat something and then how you feel after you ate that something. This is very important...nothing outside of yourself is going to to know what you should consume other then your own bodies intelligence. No book, teacher, lecture is going to truly give you the correct diet. They can give you guidance, information, direction but when it all comes down to it your body will know what it needs to eat to sustain itself.

    Buddha quotes are always potent and provoke such deep thoughts. love it, thanks bro.
  7. Tao of Intimate Relationships

    Yup. Why would you want to imprison something that is so beautiful to you? If you truly did love her then you would want to set her free from the chains of attachment...
  8. Tao of Intimate Relationships

    All of your relationships are meant to reflect something about you. So if you manifest negative feelings such as possession towards her that that is revealing a certain insecurity about you that you need to go within and resolve. Thats what all relationships are on a divine level. A mirror that guides you back to yourself.
  9. people have too much fear in their hearts + minds. das all.
  11. Dude did you eat any fats at all? Nuts and Seeds : Walnuts, coconut, sunflower seeds, pistachios, cashews, almonds etc. etc. Beans: Pinto, kidney, black, navy etc. etc. Avocados???? The zinc is what nourishes your testicles and thats essentially where the "jing" energy resides. So maybe you should have eaten more of natures fatty foods (which are by the way the healthy fats, mono and polyunsaturated fats) I eat copious amounts of nuts everyday and feel very vital in relevance to my libido. The raw vegan diet works beautifully with my daily meditations.
  12. what do they mean by natural ?

    natural = spiritual = be. just be. from what i know, natural comes from the root word neter which in Egyptian language meant spirit.
  13. true love is when you love someone with no expectations, period. when you don't need or expect any type of feeling to be invoked within you. you don't need or want anything from that person. Love just is, theres nothing else.
  14. Loving oneself

    - Get to to know yourself, intimately. No strings attached. - Do the things that resonates with your heart. - Letting go of unhealthy patterns (relationships, mindsets, habits etc.) - Loving every part of yourself, past and present. - Always trusting yourself, your actions and decisions. - Healing yourself from trauma, forgiveness of yourself first and then others. Understanding the bigger picture. (letting go of the past is so important...traumatic events are in essence what keep people on a mental, spiritual, and physical lockdown.) They sound pretty simple, but to put them into practice is definitely an arduous task. Less doing and more being. Just be with yourself and let your spirit + intuition take you on a graceful journey without the assessment of what has happened of what will happen. Follow your hearts bliss.
  15. J Krishnamurti

    I read his book "Awakening of Intelligence" and from what I received through his overall message is just that, any type of ritualistic practice is going against the path to enlightenment. Freedom through consciousness can only be achieved by walking the path so that mind, body and spirit are synthesized. Qigong and Yoga are practices that have been handed down through generations, they are merely templates of other individuals interpretations of Spirituality. Since Spirituality coincides with creation then it is up to you to create your own template of your conscious reality.
  16. A taoist doesn't "do", a taoist just is....
  17. Who here has quit sugar, success stories etc

    i used to be a sugar fiend, but i'm at a point now where i've cut it out completely from my diet (refined sugar that is). I am very content with the sugar/natural fructose from the fruits. If your looking for something natural to curb your sugar cravings, try your hand at "dates" or any other dried fruits such as prunes, figs, and raisins. Dates do it for me.
  18. creepy isn't synonymous with normal
  19. title seemed creepy, id rather not.
  20. whats your zodiac Sign ?

    The house of karmic retribution. Your sub-conscious mind. I think it plays a crucial role during our stay here on planet Earth. From what i understand, its the house of secret enemies. So whether your taking the term "enemies" literaly or figuratively just know it is a force that has always been trying to work against you. So in terms of literal, say if you have 12th house in cancer. it could be that you've always had issues when acquainting yourself with people that have their sun sign in cancer. On the other hand, figuratively, maybe you reflect on your life and people have always been secretly trying to take you out of your comfort zone. See you just have to take whatever attributes or qualities that are associated with the sign of "pisces" (secrecy, divinity, imagination) and then apply that house in your chart to the zodiac sign that is placed in it.
  21. whats your zodiac Sign ?

    pisces lol
  22. whats your zodiac Sign ?

    rising: taurus sun: Sag Moon: Aries
  23. Constipation

    Don't feed him grains anymore. And when you feed him vegetables try juicing it, raw unrefined vegetables are the best for your health because all of the digestive enzymes as well as nutrition is intact.
  24. I think that when you are along the path of your spiritual growth it is natural for oneself to reduce or even cut out consumption of meat. Properly transitioning into a plant-based diet needs to come from the heart or else it will eventually falter (from what i have observed). When your spiritual progressing your always going to want to create more positivity in your lifestyle and so becoming a vegetarian or a vegan greatly impact your daily routine a positive way. Your treating your body with reverence while contributing to a finer planet (no mutilation and slaughtering of animals)...