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  1. Hardship

    I hope to understand, someday, all the meanings that were conveyed. But I suppose that will require that I dwindle here a little longer and listen.
  2. Hardship

    Wow thanks everyone. I mean EVERYONE, there were pages of replies. Too many people to thank. I was in a bit of an existential crisis. So you all helped very much, and I'm glad to have a more clear view on reality.
  3. Hardship

    So the manifestation of ugliness, is so that beauty can be known? Is this at the expense of those who got struck with lightening however? What's in it for them?
  4. Hardship

    You could say, in most cases, that there is a valuable lesson to be learned in hardship. And the fact that these trials are manifested into our lives, is in fact, a gift. However, it comes to my attention that there is no conceivable way that some hardships could be a gift. Examples: 1. Stroke leads to paralysis severely restricting the experience of life 2. Accident leads to death with no benefit to the victim 3. Child dies at birth... need I say more? The list goes on... WHY, does the same Tao which gives life, enlightenment, wisdom, profound insight into events, creates and manages the world in harmony, ALSO, manifest ugliness, premature death, deformities, mental illnesses? In all honesty, the question remains, what the hell does this all mean? I have read Tao Te Ching, and a good book on it, and recognize that it's application leads to many wonderful things, but I still cannot understand these horrible things that I witness, in spiritual terms. I seek to understand these things, in the light of a spiritual perspective, but with sadness, I am forced into thinking that all events are random, and that "Tao" is merely a wise concept for managing life. Something tells me there is more to life, and Tao, than I currently understand. But I am in serious need of guidance. Any help at all would be appreciated.
  5. Eager to learn

    Thank you, that explains the expression. I know it's hard to explain, but I think I have experienced it every so often. I may be mistaken. But it's a good feeling when things happen with little effort, but nothing seems to be missing at the same time. Cool, I never read him, but heard he wrote the bible of hippies. Good point! Anyway, glad to be here. I enjoy discussing positive things. It's easier to put them into practice once you've learned about them, heard stories, scriptures, etc...
  6. Eager to learn

    I have had a copy of Tao Te Ching with me since I was 19. I am 25 now, and never really understood that well, until, I bought the annotated translation by Derek Lin a couple days ago. Almost all the way through it and I am very impressed with the insight Tao Te Ching provides when it's ancient verses are put into perspective. I intend on memorizing it, and I'm also buying his book "The Tao of Success". I have a lot of questions however. And I probably always will. I think that's the beauty of the Tao, it's an ever deepening mystery, an eternal path. Is this the right place for my quetions? Why is it called "The Tao Bums". Doesn't "Bum" imply lazinness, which is contrary to the disicplined practice of tao cultivation?