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  1. Hi guys, I need information

    Thx for the information, that book is very interesting. But I just want to point out that those effects are not hallucinations or things I see in my mind. They are as physical as if I touch you on the arm, they are just of a different type of perception. Just as the inner fire that passes through our upper body. I'll investigate.
  2. Last year, I practiced a very specific meditation and something happened to me and I did not yet found a clear answer. 1. I sit down, closed my eyes and start breathing 7 second inhalation, 3 seconds pause and 7 seconds exhalation for the rest of the meditation. 2. I focus on the thalamus area of the brain until a some sort of seed, ball of light or energy gets formed (could be felt as a form of contraction around the third eye area). 3. Once the seed is formed and stable, I then shift my emotions to unconditional love for all that is and extreme excitement for life. 4. When a higher degree of love is generated, a beam seems to get out of the top and the seed changes itself into a vortex that goes downward in the thalamus area. Around that same area of the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid seems to pulse constantly. I can feel the vortex attracting particles (prana?) downward into my body giving me endless energy. From the thalamus area to the outside, sparks of electricity travel through the neurons. And at the same time, hormones that create a sense of bliss and oneness seems to be secreted for an experience that can last 45 minutes. This isn't a ''random'' effect as many yoga dudes like to tell me, I can repeat the process. Based on the information I found during the last year, the technique is very similar to the Taoist methods I found such as... - Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li - Greater Enlightenment of Kan and Li - Greatest Enlightenment of Kan and Li - Sealing of the Five Senses - Congress of Heaven and Earth - Union of Human and Tao - Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Still, I didn't find anything about a vortex that attracts some for of particles of energy, sparks of electricity running through the neurons or nerves of the brain or an intense state of bliss and orgasm that last far longer than a sexual orgasm and that is far more powerful as well. I beg you guys to please enlighten me . If you can help, it would be strongly appreciated. I have the following questions. - What is the function or purpose of such technique. - Does it have anything to do with the path that leads to immortality or the creation of the light body? - Is that effect same as the activation of the Merkaba taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek? - Are those effects taught in the Taoist traditions? Thx in advance, - Hyrage