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  1. The best way to learn Taoism is to read the books which are written by the immortals in ancient china, and think on them. I suggest not to follow any "masters", because almost 100% of them are frauds. They only care about money.
  2. Wang Liping Videos

    No one can hear clearly what he said. So do not waste time on these vedios.
  3. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    If you believe meditation is good for you, just do it. But you can not shut my mouth because of that, right? Meditation can help some people in some way, but it is not a good method to be an immortal, that is my point.
  4. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    maybe some of them did meditation. But as I said before, one can meditate under the instruction of an immortal. Wuwei. I dont know what is water boxing.
  5. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    I can give you some name of the books, and you can search through google. But I do not know if there are English versions for them. I can not give you the exact texts, I do not have time to review and find the text I want. 悟真篇,无根树,金刚经,心经,清静经,金丹四百字,洗髓经,南华经,百字铭 等
  6. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    Yes, it is right. But, your body is not dao itself.
  7. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    1. The books. To prove is difficult, because how can you imagine I can prove it? It is all about oneself's thinking and experiences. 2.I do not know. I just see it and generally speaking, I do not trust any book written by the modern people. sex is a kind of desire, "I" think that is a common sense. I don't know one can have sex without desire. In that case, how can one erect?
  8. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    The idea is right. But it doesn't mean you must focus on your body. You should "focus" on the Tao. Tao is kind of Wuwei.
  9. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    Lao Zi, Chen Tuan, Wang Chongyang, Zhang Daoling, Lv dongbin, Liu haichan, Zhang sanfeng, etc.
  10. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    You can ask me the same questions, and I will answer them. I didn't ask him about the exact texts, because I know it is difficult to do.
  11. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    Are you a chinese? Can you understand Yijing?
  12. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    I can say it in chinese: 这不是一个求道(或者说练气功,内丹)的好方法。
  13. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    Can you just give me some names of the books?
  14. Debunking Fake QiGong Power

    Where and how did you get this idea?